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Season Series: Crystal Icicles
We have a new bracelet kit, the second in our Season Series! I am really pleased to announce Crystal Icicles -- simple and elegant and oh-how-it-catches-the-light!
Earthfaire Wonder Bags!
Come play with us! We have put together some marvelous Mystery Wonder Bags of yarn and beads -- your choice of lace weight with 8/0 beads or fingering weight with 6/0s. What fun! A great chance to get high quality yarn plus great beads to combine in a glorious surprise package. Big smiles....
Bead Sizing
The sizing in sead beeds are all the approximate number of beads that will fit in an inch. So if you lay 5 of the 5/0 beads in a row (hole side up), it'll be about an inch. Keep in mind that this image isn't to scale, and bead sizing does vary from batch to batch and company to company. I hope you find this a good rule of thumb. -- Dan
Knitters Gallery
This Gallery shows the personal interpretations of our knitters. Each person puts a little bit of themselves in the finished product. If you'd like your creation included, please let us know via the contact us page. Also, be sure to check out our Ravelry group. Caryl had her own vision of what she wanted as her Moonrise Necklace. She worked with me on what colors she wanted for the beads and after a bit of back and forth we came up with the perfect mix. Tah dah! Then she created this beauty. View Product Page Carol wrote to me, "I got the pattern this morning, fi...more
New (well, new-ish) Website
You probably noticed something different about our website.   It had to be re-vamped, re-developed, re-styled so that it would work well on Mobile Media devices.  But we did try to keep it as close to our original website as possible.  I know I personally hate it when my favorite "old" websites change, or go through major renovations, so this was something we tried not to do.   We kept most of our familiar settings and added a few great new features too.  And you will find it is a much better site for viewing on cell phones and tablets and the like...more
New Shawl: Isn't It Romatic?
Just perfect for Valentine's Day. Take a look at this new Isn't It Romantic? shawl, design by by Stephannie Tallent, yarn by Lorna's Laces.  Whoosh!  I am blown away!
Unboxing Video
Barbara shows off her wonderful BitterBlue shawl, and unboxes the yarn and beads for her next project. We can wait to see!
Fringe With Benefits: Back in Stock!
These originally sold out amazingly fast and I had promised to bring them back in.  Well, here they are!  Fringe With Benefits, in three Gradiance colorways from The Unique Sheep.   (Whoosh!  Two colorways sold out already; one still in stock.) I am really pleased.  This is a tremedously fun project, in great yarn and lots of beads.  Big smiles here....
Bead Speak
Terms you might be curious about. Sometimes it's not always clear what all the abbreviations and descriptions mean with beads. AB = Aurora Borealis. The name for the faint rainbow finish on some beads. This can change the color of the bead in subtle ways so it is something to pay attention to. For example, Silver Lined Ruby is a rich brilliant red, Silver Lined Ruby AB has a definite rosy cast. Ceylon = pearl-like. Obviously these beads are not pearl; they are manufactured of glass but those labeled Ceylon definitely have a pearl-ish look, an opalescent tone to them. Silver Lin...more
Wonder Bags Back In Lace Weight!
Great news! We can now again offer our fun Wonder Bags in lace weight yarn (+ beads in 8/0 size).  The yarn is high quality yarn; the beads as well, and they come together into glorious surprise package. Plus we almost always add a litte extra special something... So now you have a choice of Fingering weight or Lace weight.  What a great way to treat yourself to a terrific gift! **** And now more good news!  As of today (2/12/2016) we are able to also offer these great mystery surprises with DK Weight or Worsted Weight yarns!
New MKAL with The Unique Sheep!
This is always super-exciting! We are in the midst of the planning for a great new Mystery Knit Along, that we working on with The Unique Sheep.   Starting May 20th, this one is a lovely beaded lace shawl, triangular in shape, designed by Janine Le Cras.  It is based loosely on the children's book Heidi.  You can make your selections of yarn and colorways here -- just know that the absolute last day to order is April 20th!  (Laura is having a baby!) :-)  
Kalliope's Shawl is back!
We couldn't resist.  We brought in more of the stunning Marina yarn in Petrol, spefically for this beautiful piece: Kalliope's Shawl by Kristi Holaas.  Truly a dramatic and gorgeous shawl.
Gathering Autumn's Splendor -- Pre-Orders Open!
Gathering Autumn's Splendor has proven to be our most sought after kit -- the colors are stupendous, the pattern is great fun,and the finished piece truly breath-taking.  So now for the fifth time (!) we are again opening up a web page to take pre-orders.  We will have to limit the number of orders taken at this time to 30.   If you place your order now for the exact section of the colorway that you want and it will be dyed specially for you.  Then I will combine the yarn with beads to form a wondrous set and send them on.   Just be aware that this all tak...more
Little Green Dragon MKAL
Anne-Lise Maigraad of Little Green Dragon is hosting a Green Gables Mystery KAL beginning next week.  We still have some great kits available  that will be perfect for this -- yarn plus beads, of the highest quality.  Fun fun fun fun!
New Beauties!
I am very excited about some wonderful new kits we have to offer and just had to tell you.... Ambah O'Brien has released her next shawl in her Chroma Collection -- a marvelously simple and elegant piece called Myndie that we have kitted up in some amazing colorways from Freia.  Big smiles on this one!  Perfect for summertime knitting.  And Sivia Harding's Mystery KAL has completed and is no longer a mystery!  Take a look at her gorgeous Layer Cake Shawl -- we have kits, plus some new ones coming, that will make this a delight to knit! Too many more to name ...more
One Week in Iceland! Special Code for Free Shipping!
Well, my DH and I are off to Iceland today! We are really excited.  It means, of course, that things will be a bit quiet at EarthFaire.  Our sons and partners will be here and can help with any questions, especially if you run into any difficulties with the computer programming aspect of the website.  And I will be checking emails occasionally (but only occasionally). Any orders placed from late today through next weekend, however, will have to wait until the last week of June to ship -- so if you are in no rush and don't mind waiting, we want to offer you some...more
Inner Smile (MKAL) Beaded Shawl Kits
A wonderful Mystery Knit-A-Long will be running soon at the Anima Knitting Club on Ravelry. By Kristina Vilimaite, this beauty will be quite an interesting knit, including beaded knitting, and making a strikingly lovely shawl.   The MKAL starts July 15th.  We are offering some beautiful kits for this here, yarn plus beads, enough to make the oversized version of this most lovely piece. 
Gathering Autumn's Splendor: In Stock Kits and Pre-Orders
Great news! We have a limited number of kits in stock and ready to ship of the fantastic Gathering Autumn's Splendor.   These kits have been amazingly popular -- the finished "thingie", designed by Mindy Ross, is truly a gorgeous piece. ****  Plus!  Today (July 15th) we have re-opened the page for Pre-Orders.  So if you have your heart set on a particular part of this color wheel, it is again possible. 
Fins and Teeth!
Mindy Ross, amazing designer that she is, has just come out with two new patterns.  Take a look at Teeth and Fins! Great fun....
Beaded Knitting: Using A Crochet Hook
This is a great beaded knitting technique for adding beads as you go along. (à la minute, as the French would say). This technique doesn’t require planning ahead, but since the fiber will now pass doubled through each bead you’re slightly limited in the beads and yarn weights you can use. This technique is great for: Size 8/0s - lace weight Size 6/0s (or equivalent) - lace, fingering, and occasionally heavier yarns Size 5/0s (both round and triangle) - up to light worsted Size 3/0 and 2/0 - these are even larger and can be used on heavier yarns   ...more
Beaded Knitting: Pre-Stringing
This is a tutorial to show you beaded knitting using the pre-stringing method. There are two essential techniques to beaded knitting. You can either pre-string the beads, or you can use a small hook to add beads to your project as you go along (see our tutorial for that method here). Each designer may subtly vary how pre-stringed beads are added to get a particular look. Don’t worry though - most of these adjustments are tiny and give you a wonderful variety of looks to add to your knitting. This method works great with: Size 8/0 - lace and fingering weight Size 6/0 (or equ...more
Beaded Knitting: The "Verna-X" Beadle Needle
The Verna-X adds beads for beaded knitting in basically the same method as the crochet hook. It has a hook at the end, not a notch as with other Beadle Needles. One major advantage of the Verna-X is the longer needle lets you have lots of beads at the ready. It also comes with two stoppers to keep all the beads in place. This technique is great for: Size 8/0s - lace weight Size 6/0s (or equivalent) - lace, fingering, and occasionally heavier yarns Size 5/0s (both round and triangle) - up to light worsted Size 3/0 and 2/0 - these are even larger and can be used on heavier yarns ...more
New MKAL with TUS!
A wonderful new Mystery Knit Along with scrumptous yarns from The Unique Sheep.  Designed by Janine LeCras, this will be a crescent-shaped shawl.   And with glorious beads from us here at Earth Faire as well!  :-)  Based loosely on the children's book, The Velveteen Rabbit, all the data can be found on our web page here.  Come join in!
Gradiance Colorways Exclusive to EarthFaire
This web page is presented to tell you about our special colorways that we have developed with the fantastic help of the dyers of The Unique Sheep. We have a number more that are in the works -- great fun! The best place to go to see these is the Flickr site for our Earth Faire Signature Colors that Kelly and Laura set up for us -- as they finish dyeing a set, they usually put it up so its look is saved. There are lots of different yarn bases available.  Contact us and we can talk about your needs and wants.  **** We have worked with Kelly and Laura of The Unique Shee...more
EarthBound Misfit: New Club Offering!
We are delighted to announce our 8th Club offering:  a gorgeous crescent shawl, quite heavily beaded, by Barbara Benson. There are three brand-new TUS colorways to choose from and each comes with its own specially created mix of 6/0 beads. We are going to be taking a limited number of orders now, all pre-orders to be dyed to order and delivered in the middle to late November. The web page has all the details. Fun and beautiful! 
2016 Sheep and Wool Festival
Llamas on parade. Some wonderful musicians. My DH and son. Alpacas! A surreal, and not quite kid friendly, performance. :) Me and sheep. So pretty. Such lovely goats. There was even a blacksmith demo. $( document ).ready( function () { $(".royalSlider").royalSlider({ // options go here // as an example, enable keyboard arrows nav // general options go gere addActiveClass: true, autoScaleSlider: true, loop: true, control...more