Bats in the Night Sky Beanie/ Kits

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Kit A
Kit A
Kit B
Kit B
This photo, and all the following ones, show some of Joan's original hats.
This photo, and all the following ones, show some of Joan's original hats.
And the bat itself.
And the bat itself.

Another real smile-maker from  Joan Rowe.  Be sure check out her website offering some wonderfully quirky and happy pieces already made.  You can see them here

The Design

Here is how Joan describes Bats in the Night Sky: 

A beanie in three sizes featuring night-time sky of knit-purl textured patterns, with bats flying by. The beanie is knitted in the round, and the bats are knitted separately and sewn onto the hat. Choose a dark yarn for the night-time sky, or a colorway that mirrors the colors of sunset or the dawn sky. Add some stars and a bat (or two) for a quite unique hat! There are front and back view bat patterns included.

The Yarn and Colorways

What we put together is some kits that will allow you to make this fun hat.  We didn't use the same yarn as Joan did in her original piece -- what we have for these kits can be seen in the top photo's inserts and again right below that. 

The hat itself is knit using DK weight yarn, about 80-95 yds (73-87 m).  The hat band and bat wings use fingering weight yarn. 70 yds (64 m).  The bat body also uses fingering weight yarn, but it should not be thicker than the wing yarn if you are using different brands of yarn. 20 yds (18 m).

Take a look at the hats in the Project Pages .  Quite something, yes?

Here is what we have:

Kit A:  

In this kit, the DK yarn is Findley DK from Juniper Moon Farm, 50% merino wool/ 50% silk.  There are 131 yards (119m) per 50 gram ball.  The colorway is Purple Petunia, a rich royal purple. 

The fingering weight yarn is Mini Mochi, from Crystal Palace, 80% merino wool/ 20% nylon with 195 yards (180m) per 50 gram ball.  The colorway here is Morning Light.  As with all of the Mini Mochi, this has loooooong color runs.  It is very soft pastel tones including cream, pink, and blue with some suggestions of lilac in between.  

Kit B: 

Silk Garden Lite Solo is the DK yarn for the hat itself.  This is a 45% silk/ 45% mohair/ 10% wool with 136 yards (124 meters)/ 50 grams.  (BTW, though the yarn starts out a bit stiff, it softens up amazingly after its first wash.)  This colorway is Jade and is a rich almost-solid green teal with some interesting subtle variations of tone. 

The brim, bat wings, and bat body will again use a Mini Mochi ball.  This time the colorway is called Fog Bound and runs black to charcoal to deep navy to gray.  


Special note:  The Mini Mochi balls have very long color runs.  If you so choose, you can use one color section for the brim, one for the bat body and one for the wings and have the look of three distinct colors that work beautifully together.


The Pattern

The kit will not automatically include the pattern.

I know some knitters will prefer to get it directly as a PDF file of the pattern from Joan via her Ravelry web page. If that is how you would like to go, then set the "Pattern" drop-down menu to "No Pattern Needed." This is what you should do if you prefer your patterns in the Ravelry library.

Alternatively, if you would rather have a printed copy, please make sure the "Pattern" drop-down menu is set to that and we'll get that to you in your kit.

We also can send the pattern to you via email and if you choose that option, I will send it to you just before shipping out your kit.

 (Note again, the pattern will not be saved in your Ravelry library if you choose these last two ptions.)