Beli/ Beaded Kits of TUS Gradiances in Marici

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Roi Soleil
Roi Soleil
Changing Skies
Changing Skies
Snow Glint
Snow Glint
Hazy Days
Hazy Days
This is a close-up of Abbey's original.  The remaining photos here also show her shawl so you can get a good look of how it all comes together.
This is a close-up of Abbey's original. The remaining photos here also show her shawl so you can get a good look of how it all comes together.

A most interesting piece by Abigail Phelps, we present here Beli

The Design

Here is how Abbey describes this lovely creation:

The Beli Shawl is meant to be worn more as a stunning piece of jewelry than a shawl to keep you warm, though it will do that too.

Using silk lace weight yarn to create a dramatic drape and a mix of amazing beads from Ellen at Earthfaire you will create a show stopping piece that is sure to catch the eye.

Named for the Welsh equivalent of the god of the sun this shawl is all opulence and splendor.

The Yarn and Colorways

These kits do not contain the exact yarn that Abbey used in her original. You can see our sets in the inset photos on the top picture and again right below that. 

We worked with Laura and Kelly of The Unique Sheep to bring in sets of their 100% silk Marici Lace, dyed in Gradiance sets of three small one-ounce skeins for a total of 900 yards each.  

Roi Soleil is a glorious play on gold, ranging from light to dark and will give you the closest to the look Abbey got with her original.  (Sorry, our in-stock kits sold out very fast in this golden colorway. The other kits are quite lovely too.)

Changing Skies is a wonderful song to the heavens with a medium blue gradually changing into the soft pink of sunrise.

Snow Glint is very delicate hues on a silver ground, going from a soft pink into blue and then green, all icy pastels. (Sorry, here again in-stock kits sold out very fast.  We can take some Pre-Orders for this colorway if you don't mind waiting.  Please Contact Us for more data.)

Hazy Days is one portion of the circle which was created for that colorway -- the "times" of 5:00, 6:00 and 7:00, for those familiar with the whole circle.  It is a close cousin to both Changing Skies and Snow Glint, going from a soft pink into more blues with the whole being very more gentle and soft, a bit greyed, quite lovely indeed.

The Beads

The beads evolved from two containers I had sent Abbey quite a while ago.  They were a mix of Bead Stew, with many shapes and sizes and nuances of color.  

She waited until they "spoke" to her and this was her creation. :-)

By her estimate, this shawl requires about 1,800 beads, from size 8/0 and up.  

So here is how we here at Earth Faire will do it:  Each kit will include one container of roughtly 35 grams of mixed 8/0s to mirror the colors of your Gradiance set.  So, for example, if you choose Changing Skies as your yarn set,  your beads will be a marvelous mix of blues and pinks.  

That will give you 1,400 beads, more or less.  

Plus we will also include a smaller container (I originally thought at least 25 grams but I just actually counted:  there will be 40+ grams of this larger mix), in similar colors, but of large sizes and shapes and including daggers and tear drops.  That will give you the additional beads you will need. 

So you can be your own engineer and determine at what points you will put what bead -- or, you can mix them all up and use them randomly.  (BTW, if you decide you would rather have all of your beads a mix of just size 8/0s, just let me know.  We can do it that way as well and honestly I think that is also a very fine look.)

The Pattern 

Note that the kit will not automatically include the pattern.

You can get the pattern directly from Abbey on her Ravelry page.  This is a good way to go if you like to have patterns stored in your Ravelry library.  It also means that you will automatically get any updates. In that case, set the drop-down menu to No Pattern Needed. 

If you prefer, however, the pattern can be printed out -- the drop-down menu offers this option. 

Or I can email it to you, if there is some reason you would prefer that.  This is not automatic however; I generally do this on the day that I send you the kit.