Bonnie Bishoff Shawl Pins/ Color Sticks/ 5 Choices

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Another set of really lovely shawl pins, created by Bonnie Bishoff.

Bonnie is an artist who makes some really lovely shawl pins. Some of her beautiful work is currently in the Smithsonian, it is that well regarded. True artwork.

All of her pins are handmade. She uses polymer clay, white bronze, lead free pewter and nickel silver.

The ones you see here are in stock and ready to ship -- in limited quantities though, so if they appeal to you, I'd advise you not to wait.

Each of these "sticks" is quite long -- I measure 7" inches from tip-to-toe. So they will stay put with panache.

Most of these remind me of The Cat in the Hat , with happy colors that make me smile. Or perhaps it is Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory? They make me smile. :-)

Dash is the only one (on the far right of the top photo and again below it) that is a more sophisticated colorway, with charcoal blending into a white.

Iris is the one that is to the far left in the first photo and again below Dash and has a wonderful blending of deep purple into pink, separated by a neutral khaki, also toning though from light to dark.

Lake is the one that is mostly blues, next to Dash in the top photo and below Iris in its solo picture. It blends blues from darker to lighter, again with the khaki tones between.

Zinnia is next to Iris on the left of the top photo and is the fifth photo on this page. Here the colors range from red-orange into orange, while the stripes also blend from a golden brown into violet.

Sun gives you sunset colors, with red blending into orange, and separated by the golden khaki tones, also blending as they stripe.

Any of these are gorgeous; they will be a marvelous addition to any wardrobe.


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