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Circle of Circe/ Moonrise Neckpiece Variation

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  Circle of Circe/ Moonrise Neckpiece Variation1
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%s of 5 Stars!   This magnificent necklace is EVEN PRETTIER in person!! I can't say enough about how it sparkles and glows even with indoor lighting. It was fun to knit, and I am thrilled to have it as a signature piece in my jewelry wardrobe.
Miriam Pittenger

%s of 5 Stars!   This necklace is stunning! I'd recommend getting the extra beads-especially if you're a tight knitter. Absolutely love the end product.
Danielle Winslow

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Circle of Circe/ Moonrise Neckpiece Variation1
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Circle of Circe/ Moonrise Neckpiece Variation1
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Circle of Circe/ Moonrise Neckpiece Variation1
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We found the original spectacular daggers that we part of the first Circle of Circe necklace kit.

Big smiles here -- we are delighted to be able to offer the original once again.


Here we present a wonderful necklace kit for your knitting needles.

Here is a lovely collar which will help you to sparkle your way through the holidays.

In Greek mythology, Circe is a minor goddess of magic -- or sometimes a nymph, witch, enchantress or sorceress. I am not saying that this necklace will give you magical powers but it might make you look pretty magical.:-)

This is another variation of Sivia Harding's Moonrise Neckpiece, made with a 30 meter hank of black silk (silk feels so great against the skin!).

The beads -- which must be threaded in a particular order so that this look can be achieved -- are Black AB cubes and 8/0 Dark Topaz Rainbow Gold Lusters though another gold bead might be in your kit. The photo here shows the piece done using 4x4mm cubes --the kits now use 3x3 cubes as we have found they lie better and the overall look is superb.

The 8/0 gold beads form little triangles of beads where the short rows occur though this is a very subtle look.

The daggers are amazingly gorgeous -- I am so pleased to have found them. They are unusual (and rather expensive, for daggers) but really make the piece. I wish the photograph showed them off better -- you really miss how they glow. These are 5x16mm Black Vitral "Tie-Dyed" beauties. Quite striking. There are beautiful swirls of colors -- black and gray and blues and pinks and golds and silvers, as well as hints of other colors. This picks up the AB aspect of the cubes and the Rainbow aspect of the Gold Luster 8/0s -- so the the whole comes together very nicely.

Not to repeat myself or anything, but these are really gorgeous! :-)

The clasp is a lead-free pewter in an antique gold color, with the bar part of the toggle shaped like a leaf (or maybe a feather?), and the circle being smooth and the same on both sides. We might instead give you a similar clasp with a "twig" instead of the leaf (quantities are running low on this original one) -- that looks great as well. Or another one that will look marvelous and enhance the overall piece -- we have some beauties.

We really like this necklace -- it is rather dressy and glows beautifully.

If you would rather go with a silver-and-black look (instead of this gold-and-black) just let us know via the drop-down menu and we'll do the substitutions for you -- the 8/0s will be the silver lined silver ABs and the clasp will be the same but in an antique silver finish. The silver beads tend to stand out more than these gold lusters do.

Each kit will include the pattern, the thread (black silk), the clasp, all of the beads as described above (with some extras) and a floss threader for ease in getting the beads onto the silk.


The necklace is a choker length -- mine came out to be exactly 14 1/2 " including the clasp. If you would like to make it a bit longer, here is an easy way to do this, courtesy of Cindersall (link is below to her own project page on Ravelry: "I added length by doing 6 rows of beads ( without the daggers) at the beginning and end, which made it the perfect length for me, 18... (and more specifically)..." I added 2 repeats on each side of the center section without the daggers, to lengthen the necklace. I strung 10 cubes, 5 gold beads , 10 cubes, 5 gold beads, then followed the stringing instructions, then added 5 gold beads, 10 cubes twice. It lengthened the necklace just enough..."

There will be plenty of the 8/0 beads and the 3x3mm cubes in each kit to be able to do this with ease.


Be aware that the knitting needles are not part of the kit. I used size 0 (2mm) but gauge is not a major factor at all. You want the look to be pleasing to you. I do tend to knit loosely, though, so my size 0s might translate to a size 1 for you. You want a gauge that gives the choker a width of about 3/4" across its 6 stitches, or 8 stitches to the inch.

This was fast and fun and really gorgeous. In my oh-so-humble opinion.


BTW, we would be very pleased to help you put together any variation on this necklace based on other colorways if you would like. The last photo here shows a lovely one we worked with Cruizing to put together in variations on bronze and copper.

Truly, the only limit is imagination and that is limitless.

For more information, please visit this products webpage.

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