EarthBound Misfit: Club: Barbara Benson +3 New TUS Colorways

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Arda + Vulcan
Arda + Vulcan
Sylph + Persephone
Sylph + Persephone
Chimera + Naiad
Chimera + Naiad
Arda bead mix
Arda bead mix
Sylph bead mix
Sylph bead mix
Chimera bead mix
Chimera bead mix

We are delighted to announce the eighth set of kits to make it into our special new category: EarthFaire Clubs!

What are EarthFaire Clubs? Ah, I am so glad you asked.

Clubs are kit pre-orders with exclusive options, special ad-ons, and a discount!

The advantage to you is three-fold:

1. A 10% club discount for the first month that the Club is up on the website.

2. There will be also a beautiful add-on option available only to Club members. You can, if you so choose, order a bracelet kit that mirrors all the colors in the yarn and beads. These are of limited supply so don't wait too long.

3. All dyeing happens as the orders are placed so we can offer some great new colors. Almost all the Club offerings are new colorways.


This is a glorious piece, quite unique and really lovely.  

Please note: We are going to limit the initial offering to sixty kits, 20 of each colorway. After this, we might not be accepting new orders on this until December.

Please note also that this is a Pre-Order.  The yarn sets will be dyed-to-order -- we expect them to be shipping sometime around the middle to late November 2016.

The Design

This is a beautiful new shawl by Barbara Benson, whom you might recall from her gorgeous BitterBlue Shawl.  Here is how Barbara came up with this piece:

After the wonderful collaborative experience that produced BitterBlue Barbara dreamed up another shawl combining gradient yarn and beads.

In an attempt to spread her wings she chose to work with a random assortment of beads that compliment the colors that make up the gradient. When designing lace precision is required so allowing herself to just take the beads as they came was an exercise in release of control. To allow the beads to shine they are placed on a contrasting band of lace that recurs down the length of the shawl.

The resulting shawl is one of the largest that Barbara has designed and it wraps you in an beautiful embrace.

Since this shawl was a meditation in learning to let go and fly away she chose to name it after a classic Pink Floyd song "Learning to Fly". We might all be earthbound misfits, but this shawl will give you sparkling wings.


This is really a beautiful piece!

A note: the shawl not intended as a mystery but for right now we are keeping it a bit under wraps. Thus we are only giving this brief description and showing snippets of the finished shawl in the photo montage. We want it to be something of a surprise! 

If you really would like to see full photos, just email me and I'll share.  

The photos you see on these pages are made up of sections of the shawls in all three colorways.


Yarn, Colorways, and Bead Mixes

Kelly, Barbara, and I had a wonderful time dreaming up names for these colorways.  We went deep into mythologies and legends to come up with these, wanting to make them descriptive and also in keeping with the magic that is Earth Faire. 

Each set will contain about 150 grams  in the Gradiance colorway plus 100 grams in a solid color to contrast.  As the sets are dyed in three distinctly different yarns, yardage will vary somewhat.  You will have enough to make this shawl in any of these choices. 

1. Arda + Vulcan:  Arda is an amazingly rich and vibrant colorway, the colors of a field of flowers in full bloom mid-summer.  Magenta goes into purple goes into blue goes into green.  Gorgeous!  We borrowed the name from JRR Tolkein's imagination; he had Arda as a word that signified the World and all that is in it.  The contrast skein is a medium gray.  (Named Vulcan for the Greek of fire.)

This set is dyed in The Unique Sheep's Luxe, the  25% Tussah Silk/ 75% Superwash Merino fingering weight yarn.  The Gradiance colorway set will give about 600 yards; the contrast skein will have about 400 yards. 

(Sorry, this colorway is sold out at this time.)

2. Sylph + Persephone:  Sylph is a lovely pastel blend, delicate pinks going into soft sage.  Here again we went into the myths of olden times for the name, a sylph being a spirit of the air and this is so beautifully ethereal.  The contrast skein is a slightly deeper rose color.  (We named it Persephone for the beautiful maiden in Greek mythology who accidentally ate 6 pomegranate seeds and was bound to Hades for one-third of the year.)  

  This set is dyed in Tinsel Toes, which is a 50% Superwash Merino/ 50% Tencel  blend that takes dyes in a somewhat muted fashion.  Each 150 gram set has about 552 yards; plus the solid color will give you an additonal 368 yds. 

3.  Chimera + Naiad

This Gradiance set is warm and fiery -- gold to orange to red-orange.  (Chimera in Greek mythology was a fire-breathing creature.)  The contrasting skein is a cool turquoise blue, reminiscent of the refreshing waters of a tropical sea.  (Thus we named it Naiad for the water sprites of legend.)

This set of colors are dyed in Verve, The Unique Sheep's fingering weight yarn of 100% superwash merino, thus giving you 600 yards in the gradiance set plus another 400 yards in the solid color.  


Each set has their own specially created individual mix of 6/0 beads that was put together specifically for that Gradiance colorway.  You can see them in the photos on this page.  The beads reflect and highlight the colors of the yarn. 

And each kit will include well over the needed 75 grams (about 900 beads) that you need for the shawl.  



We will be offering to a limited number of knitters the chance to have a special  Bead Stew Bracelet specially designed around the colorway you choose.  It will use the same 6/0 bead mix that comes in the kit plus other sizes, shapes, and colors to expand on the look. 



The pattern is not automatically part of the kit.  When the time comes that the first kits are ready for shipping, you can get the pattern on Barbara's Ravelry page. We will create the link at that time.  This will give you a copy in your Ravelry library. In this case, set the drop-down menu above to "No Pattern Needed."

If you would prefer a printed copy or a PDF via email, please select that option via the "Pattern" drop-down menu. The PDF file will be emailed right before your kit is shipped.


Please note that there are three drop-down menus to be set before you check out. The "Color" one is for the colorway of your shawl.  The "Kit" one gives you the choice of Shawl only or Shawl + bracelet.  And the "Pattern" one is for the form that you would like your pattern to come in.  

Quite lovely indeed indeed indeed!


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