Echo Beach/ Kits with Taiyo Lace

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This is the Taiyo Lace we are calling Flowers in the Woods.
This is the Taiyo Lace we are calling Flowers in the Woods.
This is what we named Sunset in the Forest.
This is what we named Sunset in the Forest.
The next two photos are of Kieran's original piece and used with his permission.
The next two photos are of Kieran's original piece and used with his permission.


We are absolutely thrilled to have connected up with Kieran Foley.  

He has such a unique vision and his designs are tremendous fun to knit. 

Let us start here with Echo Beach, a perfect song to light summer breezes and soft warmth. 

The Design

I quote Kieran here: 

A summery shawl with shifting columns of dropped stitches - there’s some suspense involved, if you wait until the knitting is almost finished to drop the stitches.

The pattern contains concise instructions for two versions of the shawl (with one chart for each version).  

There is a two-dropped-stitch version which you can see on these pages (photos used with permission) in the marvelously bright multi-colored version.   That one used about 920 yards of a lace weight yarn.

Or a one-dropped-stitch version can be knit (you can see it on the Project Pages; take a look at this one which was with about 575 yards of  the fingering weight Wollmeise in color Uluru). 

The Yarn

The beautiful shawl shown on this page was knit by Kieran using Noro's Sekku, a lace weight yarn of cotton/wool/nylon/silk blend with 460 yards/50 grams. He used two skeins to make this piece. 

What we offer for this kit is again from Noro but Sekku has unfortunately been discontinued.  What we have is called Taiyo Lace, made up of the same fibers in the same proportions even (50% Cotton/ 17% Wool/ 17% Nylon/16% Silk), and now with 920 yards  (841 meters) per 100 gram skein.

So one skein will be plenty for this beautiful shawl. 

The Colorways

Unfortunately again, Taiyo Lace has also been discontinued.  We have two colorways in stock that we can offer -- they are significanly different colorwise than the one that Kieran used in his original though. 

Noro didn't give names to these colorways but I am going to name them -- I find it easier to think of them that way.  

You will notice that our photos four skeins of each colorway -- that is to show you the colors better.  Depending on which part of the series of colors the skein is wound from, the look can be significantly different.  

Each skein goes through the same colors and, as is usual for a Noro yarn, each hue continues for quite a long stretch.  So you will have fairly large blocks of a color gradually changing into the next, just as you see in Kieran's original.  

1. Flowers in the Woods (color #54) includes white, silvery gray, pink, rose, ecru, and varying shades of a lovely brown. 

2. Sunset in the Forest (color #55) is a rich blend of greens with black and varying grays; brown and a touch of gold, and as a highlight, the deep red-orange tones of a sunset. 

The Pattern

Please note that the pattern is not included in this particular Kit.

You can purchase it directly from Kieran's Ravelry Store.  This will also make sure the pattern is stored in your Library and should there be any updates, you will get them automatically. 

This design is a real beauty, perfect for summer or indeed all year long. 



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