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Exquisite Silky Lace Weight

Sorry, we seem to be out of this. Why not try contacting us to see if we have something just as good?
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From Fiddlesticks Knitting comes this absolutely lovely lace weight yarn, called appropriately enough Exquisite..

With its elegant drape and sheen, this silky laceweight yarn makes beautiful shawls, scarves and light tops. The unique combination of natural fibres makes a yarn that is lustrous and soft to the touch.

The fibers are 50% merino wool / 50% mulberry silk and each ball is 50 grams = 500 meters, or about 550 yards.

We originally got this in simply for the new Feather Light Shawls, which only takes one for each shawl. And fell in love -- this is a great hand and marvelous look.

And, of course, Exquisite can be used for just about any of the many patterns we carry that use lace weight yarn.

The photo to the upper right shows most of the colors we had but the majority are currently out of stock. The only two we still have in as separate skeins are Amber (in the 2:00 position), and Tea Rose (which is seen in the center).

Make your selection from the drop-down menu and have a wonderful time knitting.

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