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Cloud yarn, dyed in Elephant.
Cloud yarn, dyed in Elephant.
This is the Staccato kit with (from the left) showing Imperial-Ash-Velvet-Ash-Imperial-Ash.
This is the Staccato kit with (from the left) showing Imperial-Ash-Velvet-Ash-Imperial-Ash.
This is one of Kristina's original pieces.
This is one of Kristina's original pieces.
This is Inner Smile as knit by Nancy, using one of our kits (the original Kit 5).
This is Inner Smile as knit by Nancy, using one of our kits (the original Kit 5).
Another one of Kristina's.
Another one of Kristina's.

The Mystery KAL is over and some stunning renditions of this shawl have been knit.  You can take peeks on the Project Pages on Ravelry if you wish.  

And we do still have a few kits left in stock for anyone wishing to indulge in this beauty.  


A wonderful Mystery Knit-A-Long will be running soon at the Anima Knitting Club on Ravelry. 

Here is what Kristina writes: 

This will be a Mystery Knit-A-Long with four clues released weekly, the first one on July 15. The shawl is an asymmetric crescent, with some garter, some simple lace, and easy short rows. The shawl can be beaded.

If you purchase or already own the Knit Light e-book, the Inner Smile MKAL pattern is free for you. In addition, till July 15 the owners of Knit Light e-book can choose any other of my shawl patterns for freeSeven patterns for 17.95 USD is a pretty good deal, isn't it?

And of course, you can purchase the MKAL pattern individually. You will get a 20% discount if you purchase the Inner Smile pattern before the first clue is released.

You can work the shawl in a single colour, but you can also use two, three, four, or even five colours. 

I strongly recommend working the oversized version. The regular sized shawl looks good, but the oversized is just gorgeous.
The MKAL is running in this group. Even before the first clue is released you can enter a draw for stitch markers made from semi-precious stones. And if you finish the shawl till August 21, you can win a skein from DyeForYarn, or a project bag, or a shawl pin.



I am sworn to secrecy so I cannot tell you much about this design except that yes, it is a shawl, and yes, there will be two sizes and lots of color options. 

Kristina did ask her test knitters, "What would you say to other knitters about this pattern without revealing any concrete details?"

And here are some answers: 

[dashuta]: I guess the best characteristic for this pattern would be that I want to knit it again (and not once) in different color combos and in different sizes.

[infusionn]: A relaxed knitting and a rewarding result.

[Rebs16]: It was a fun, easy knit with a lot of potential for experimenting with color options. Great everyday shawl.

[jurga]: Regular size gives quite a narrow shawl, but I love it. It was fun and easy but not boring knitting time.

[Rutast]: It's like putting a jigsaw puzzle together or having an exciting and interesting trip.


Now as Kristina notes above, she really really really prefers the larger size and so I have set up kits with yarns enough to make this size in a few of the many possible color combinations.

 If you should decide that you'd prefer the smaller size, just contact us and I will set it up with you. 

And this is a beaded design -- it will use roughly 362 size 6/0 beads for the larger size though this is optional.  Your kit will include more than enough beads in a color to work well with your yarn choice. 

The Yarn and Colorways

The first sets listed here are for making the shawl in a one-color version.  For this larger size, what is needed is 941 yards (860 meters).  We offer here Anzula Cloud, a blend of 80% merino/ 10% cashmere/ 10% nylon with 575 yards per skein.  Two skeins will be included in each kit. 

All of these colorways are almost-solids, with very slight variances of tone. 

1.  Gravity (light grey) (Sorry, sold out)

2. Elepant (medium grey)

3. Mariana (teal) (Sorry, sold out)

4. Black Cherry (deep magenta) (Sorry, sold out)

The second set of kits we have here will allow you to make the three-color "Wild Stripes" version of the shawl.  This requires Color A with 120 yards (110m), Color B with 399 yards (365m) and Color C with 420 yards (384m).  The yarn we offer for this is Staccato from Shibui Knits.  Each skein is 70% superwash merino/ 30% silk with 191 yards (175m) per 50 gram skein.  

I have set up these kits with one skein Color A, two skeins Color B, and three skeins Color C.  Color B might be a bit "tight" yardage-wise but it is so close that I didn't feel right adding an extra skein.  Kristina suggests doing a gauge swatch and blocking it aggressively to be sure that you match her yardage consumption.  If you would feel more comfortable with an extra skein just contact us and as long as we have stock, we will set you up with a special kit. 

5. Velvet (a deep violet as Color A) + Imperial (mistakenly called Raspberry in the original web writing) (a lighter red-violet for Color B) + Ash (a soft gray for Color C) (Sorry, sold out)

5A. We can also offer Ash as color A (one skein) + Imperial as color B (2 skeins) + Velvet as color C (3 skeins).

6. Ivory (a cream as Color A) + Pool (a turquoise as Color B) + Cove (a deep teal as Color C) (Sorry, this version is sold out.)

Note that these kits #5 and #6 for the Wild Stripes version are slightly more expensive than the single color kits -- the additional fee is noted via the drop-down menu. 

The Beads

Each kit will include well more 6/0 beads than are needed for these larger sizes. They might be a striking contrast (like Silver Lined Crystal on the Elephant colorway perhaps) or more of a blend while still capturing the light (for example an aqua or teal bead color for the Ivory-Pool-Cove set).  

 If you have a preference on what you'd like, tell me.  Otherwise I will choose for you.  

To get the pattern and join the MKAL, you must purchase your pattern on Kristina's  Ravelry page. 

And the Ravelry forum for joining others in this great MKAL project can be found here