Loop or Dot Shawl/ 4 Color Choices

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Raven + Scarletberry:  
Note that we show two skeins of the Raven here so you can better picture the black as the background surrounding the brilliance of Scarletberry. The usual kit will give you one skein each.
Raven + Scarletberry: Note that we show two skeins of the Raven here so you can better picture the black as the background surrounding the brilliance of Scarletberry. The usual kit will give you one skein each.
Peacock + Springberry
Peacock + Springberry
Raven + Gooseberry
Raven + Gooseberry
Raven + Copperberry
Raven + Copperberry
The original piece (Loop) by Casapinka.
The original piece (Loop) by Casapinka.
Here is her original Dot Shawl.
Here is her original Dot Shawl.
A close-up of Loop.
A close-up of Loop.

I fell in love with the patterns first and then when the Mountain Colors' folks showed me their new yarn colors --- oh my, this was a marriage made in heaven. 

The patterns are by Casapinka and really are lovely.  Simple yet still interesting to knit, all that is needed is delicious yarn.  And well, need I say more? 

The Designs

Here is how the amazing designer talks of these patterns: 

About the Dot Shawl

First in a series of two (so far) shawls that seek 
to show off gorgeous, hand dyed variegated sock yarns in unusual ways. Designed as part of my portfolio for the Rhode Island School of Design Hand Knitting Program.

Dot separates out the colors into dots against a solid background. Watching the colors separate and unfold across the shawl is gratifying. The idea is to use your favorite variegated (or solid) sock yarn against any brand of fingering/sock weight yarn.

The dots are made without turning your work (unlike many bobbles) and once you’ve done a few they become meditative - you will look forward to dot rows.

And about Loop

A happy and very fun shawl to knit, just in time for Autumn. It begins at the top and forms a crescent shape, ending with garter st and an i-cord bindoff. Only 1 color yarn is used at a time. Contrast yarn is carried up the side where it blends into the edge of the shawl.

As with the Dot Shawl, my aim was to use variegated yarns in a different way that shows off their beautiful colors without overwhelming the design.

The Yarns

These patterns can be knit to form shawlettes or full sized shawls.  The kits we have here are for the smaller ones.  If you would rather have more yarn and a larger piece, just contact us and we'll work it out with you. 

Make sure to take some time to look at the Project pages for both of these shawls.  Some of the knitters made really striking pieces and it was from some of these that I took my major inspiration.  And quite a few of the "smaller" shawlettes looked plenty large to my eye; so consider that as well. 

The yarns we show here for our kits are not the same as were used in the originals.  You can see the yarn we offer in the inset photos on the top picture and again below that.  The other photos are of Casapinka's original shawls and shown with her permission so you can get an idea of how your finished project will look. 


The yarn we have is from Mountain Colors and is their Bearfoot.  This is a 60% superwash wool/ 25% mohair/ 15% nylon yarn that seems able to run a gamut from fingering weight on up to DK.  It has a lovely feel to it --squishy and most yummy indeed.  Each skein has 400 yards to roughly 4 ounces. 

The Colorways

For the background of either of these we selected solid (or almost solid) colorways in either Raven (black or as close to it as a handpainted yarn can get) or Peacock (a rich teal almost-solid with some subtle variations). One skein of the almost-solid will be included in each kit. 

The dots or loops will consist of new colorways from Mountain Colors, created with a spatter technique.  These they call their Wild Berry colors. And wild they are! One skein will be in each kit. 

Here are the colors we put together: 

1.  Raven + Scarletberry:  Raven is the black background. Scarletberry is amazingly vibrant and glorious -- it will be marvelous against the black.  Here are reds and roses and pinks and violets and magentas and some surprise golden ambers as well.  Truly striking. 

2.  Peacock + Springberry:  Peacock will form the solid teal background. Springberry is a rich mingling of marvelous cool tones from green and turquoise and teal, with purple and violet and lilac.   A wonderful dance of colors!

3.  Raven + Gooseberry:  Raven is the black background.  The colors are Gooseberry, a gorgeous play on greens with some teal and cream allowing them to really sing. 

4. Raven + Copperberry:  And for those of you who love warmer tones, Copperberry is variations on orange, from soft to deep and which some splatterings of rose and fuchsia as well.  Plus Raven as the background. 

The Pattern

Note also that the kit does not nclude the pattern. This must be gotten from Casapinka via her Ravelry web pages:

 Here you will find her Dot Shawl. 

And here is her Loop

So choose your colors and choose your shawl and have a marvelous time creating....