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The Canopy Kit
The Canopy Kit
The Dulcet Kit
The Dulcet Kit
This photo, and the remaining ones as well, show some original pieces by the designer (and are shown with her permission).
This photo, and the remaining ones as well, show some original pieces by the designer (and are shown with her permission).

When evening comes and I am a bit tired and seek something fairly mindless to knit for myself and not for Earth Faire, I tend to nab those designs that play with short rows.  I love how various designers have put together patterns that allow the knitting to flow --- and so I got to know the lovely pieces by Pam Jemelian.  As she kindly gave us permission to use her photos, I thought it would be great to put together some kits. 

The Design

This one is called Many Rivers and is a perfect piece to play with.  Here is what Pam writes: 

Knit the skinny break rows between the color blocks in dark blue on this shawl, and they look just like many rivers flowing every which way across it!

The Many Rivers Shawl is striped, asymmetrical, and knit on the bias sideways entirely in garter stitch.

Although it is knit using the German short row technique, you do not have to have had any previous experience knitting in this style since full written instructions, video help links, and row counts are included within the pattern.

I test knit 2 shawls using this pattern in very different colors using 3 shades in fingering weight yarn for each shawl, but this pattern would also work using DK or sport weight yarn.

Simply choose 3 coordinating and/or contrasting colors and cast on. Each of the 3 colors will use approximately 210 yards of yarn, although you may need about 220 in Color A. Color C is the contrast yarn (the dark blue rivers), so choose a very dark or even a very light shade for these skinny break rows. Total yarn yardage for the shawl was about 640 yards.

My blocked shawl is 6 feet on the longest side, and in 20 inches in depth at its deepest point.

The Yarn and Colorways

What we offer here is not not not the same yarns or colors that Pam used in her original pieces.  You can see the ones we offer in the inset photos on the top picture and again below that.  The other photos are here so you can use your imagination and picture how these will look. 

We have put together a few options for you with various yarns from a few sources. 

1. Canopy Fingering from the Fibre Company is a delicious yarn made up of 50% baby alpaca/ 30% merino/ 20% viscose bamboo.  Each skein is 200 yards/ 50 grams and so we will be including two skeins of each colorway.  (If you would rather take the risk and just get one each, tell me and I'll set you up with a smaller kit.)

The colors are:  Fern (a light green), Mango (a gold, perfect for Color C) and Quetzal (a green teal).

2. Dulcet from the KFI Luxury Collection is between a sport weight and a fingering weight with 60% extra-fine merino/ 20% cashmere/ 20% baby alpaca (yum!).  it has 180 yards (165m) to each 50 gram skein.  Again two skeins of each colorway will be included in each kit. 

The colors are:  Dark Teal (a blue turquoise), Natural (perfect for Color C) and Dark Grey. 

The Pattern

Please note that the pattern is not included in this particular Kit.

You can purchase it directly from Pam’s Ravelry Store  .  This way you will have the pattern saved in your Ravelry library and get any updates issued as well as a direct line to pattern support.