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Matte Raku Cabernet Iris 4x4 cubes

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Oh my!

Toho has some lovely beads. My supplier named these type "Raku" not because they were made in any fashion like Raku pottery but because they have that amazingly vibrant look. She does tell me that the finish uses titanium.

And it looks quite stunning! Such depth.

This one is a colorway called Cabernet, after the wine of course. It is a bit muted, as all matte finishes are, but with an inner glow that is hard to describe. There are nuances of plum as well.

This is a larger 4x4mm cube shape. There is quite a large hole, which would allow for multiple stringing, cording & threading.

We like!

Because of the special finish, these beads are more expensive than most. We are packaging them up in 20 gram containers. Figure on close to 12 beads per gram, but that is only an estimate.

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