pasOsolo or pasOdoble/ Special Kits

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From left to right:  Orchid + Dove + Ink
From left to right: Orchid + Dove + Ink
From left to right:  Charcoal + Silver + Marine
From left to right: Charcoal + Silver + Marine
This shows the original pasOdoble which al-fa knit.
This shows the original pasOdoble which al-fa knit.
And the original pasOsolo.
And the original pasOsolo.

Limited quantities!  We got these yarns at a very special price and are passing the savings on to you.  


These are two of my absolute favorite scarf designs.  I have played with them in my own personal knitting and enjoyed them tremendously. 

And then it occurred to me that you might not have discovered them yet.  So I contacted the amazing designer, atelier alfa (Ravelry name al-fa, aka Anne) and got her permission to use some of her photos to show the design.  

So here we go --  here we offer a few kits that you might choose among to make either pasOdoble or pasOsolo‚Äč in some absolutely amazingly delicious yarn.  

The Design

Here is what Anne writes about these: 

I have been playing a bit more with the construction of ‘something’ (hat and cowl) and came up with this: pasOdoble and pasOsolo. It’s special construction to build the swirl at the end is easy and very simple to do.

pasOdoble is a symmetrical shawl with swirls on both ends. 
pasOsolo is asymetrical with a round swirl on one end and a point on the other.

They are worked back and forth, but also kind of in the round in 1 piece and completely seamless. 
And another good news is : there is absolutely no purling to do.

You should plan to use a circular needle with a minimum length of 80 cm / 31.5” and know how to do magic loop (schematics are included in the pattern if you don’t know how to work magic loop).  And there are lots of U-Tube videos showing the technique.  If you'd like some direction, just contact us

The Yarn

You will need fingering wight yarn in 3 colors: 
For pasOdoble: MC (main color): ± 320 m / 350 yards / CC (contrasting color): ± 260 m / 280 yards/ CC2 (2nd contrasting color): ± 50 m / 55 yards

For pasOsolo, a bit less: MC (main color) ± 250 m (275 yards)/ CC (contrasting color) ± 250 m (275 yards)/ CC2 (2nd contrasting color): ± 50 m (55 yards),

Please note that the yarn we have put together for these kits are not not not the same as what al-fa used in her original.  You can see these in the inset photos on the top picutre and again below that.  

This is a light fingering weight yarn from Colinton of Australia.  Here is some data from their website: 

Mohair can be an all-season fashion fiber; in cozy, warm winter knits as well as lightweight airy structures that breathe in the warmer months.

It is a naturally soft fiber that absorbs colors from dyes very well.  Highly lustrous, there are actually tiny microscopic platelets on each strand which allows for an uninterrupted surface area reflecting light. 

And need I say that it feels amazing?  Truly cool and silky.  This is a real luxury fiber. 

The specific yarn we offer here is classified as light fingering, with 115 yards/ 50g.  I know that does not seem like a fingering weight yarn but for this 100% pure unbrushed mohair, it is.  

Each kit will include three skeins of Color A, three of Color B, and one of Color C.  That will give you plenty of yardage for pasOsolo but might be a tad shy on Color A  for pasOdoble.  If you would like an extra skein of your Color A, just let me know

Each color is Hand Dyed in an immersion process.  What we have here are solids or almost-solids: 

Kit A:  Orchid is a lovely mulberry color; Dove is a pale blush; Ink is a dramatic contrast with a deep navy. 

Kit B: Charcoal is a deep rich almost-black; Silver is a bright pale silvery grey; Marine is a gentle contrast in a lovely turquoise. 

The Pattern

The pattern is only available on these Ravelry pages: this for both patterns , or this one for pasOsolo, or this one for pasOdoble

This will ensure that you get all updates and help that evolves with the design. 


Such fun!