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This photo shows Susanna's original as do the next two pictures on this page.
This photo shows Susanna's original as do the next two pictures on this page.

Susanna IC has created another real beauty --- and you can get the pattern for free in the current issue of!

The Design

Here is how she describes it: 

I used to think that garnets came only in deep red color, until a few years ago when I visited the Garnet Museum in Prague. I was surprised to discover that garnets exist in a wide range of brilliant colors – from yellow oranges and bright reds all the way to deep red purples.

When I first saw this amazing gradient yarn from Vice Yarns, I was reminded not only of autumn foliage, but also of the incredible range of garnet colors. I used this inspiration to interpret the gemstone facets as a lace pattern with clean, geometric shapes. And, in keeping with its unfussy lines, I used the lace pattern to create a triangular shawl with an interesting asymmetric shape.

Pyropa is worked in one piece; it starts at the point and grows to its final size through increases along the edge. Because of the simple construction and easy lace, this shawl can be worked in almost any weight of yarn with just an adjustment in needle size. For a bit of gem-like sparkle, I’ve placed a few beads throughout the shawl, and I added the optional bead placement to the chart if you’d like to do the same.

The Yarns and Colorways

We are not offering the exact yarn nor colorway that Susanna used in her original but rather other sets of gradient colors that we feel will look great.  

The yarn we have for these kits are all SweetGeorgia Yarns, a fingering weight Tough Love.  We have what they have named Party of Five, sets of gradually changing colors, in 80% superwash merino/ 20% nylon -- each set consisting of 5 mini-skeins of 105 yards each (x 5 = 525 yards). 

Susanna's original piece was knit using an 80% Superwash Wool, 20% Nylon; 500yd/457m per 150g skein and needed only the one skein.  So this set of five small skeins totaling a bit more yardage-wise should work out perfectly.  

Here are the colorways of these kits: 

1. Hanumi (meaning "flower-viewing" or even more specifically "cherry-blossom-viewing" in Japanese) is the Party of Five set of five mini-skeins ranging from a rich fuchsia, gradually lightening into a light pink (for those familiar with SweetGeorgia's color names, these are Orchid, Lip Gloss, Azalea, Guava, and Candy Floss).

2. Royals-- the name of course referring to the fact that in olden times, only royalty could wear purple -- is  set of purples, dark into lighter (named Nightwatch, Empress, Juicebox, Lavender, and Wisteria).  

3. Swell --  a marvelous range of teals as well, reminiscent of the ocean waves.  The colors in this Party of Five are Deep Cove, Sea Spray, Beach House, Shoreline, and West Wing.

The Beads

Beads are optional but if you'd like to add them, these are all added using the crochet-hook-add-as-you-go method. 

All that is needed is 100 6/0 4mm or 5/0 4.5mm seed beads.  And your kit will include more than that amount. 

If you have a preference for your bead color, tell me.  Otherwise, I will choose for you. 

The Pattern

Remember, this is a free pattern and must be gotten directly from  You can download it here and use it for your own personal use as often as you'd like.