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Rainbow Beaded i-Cord pattern

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A wonderful new whimsical project from Laura Andersson!

Let your imagination run wild!

Bracelet? Necklace? Belt? Keychain? Bag handles?

The ribbon is a lovely as it goes through all the colors of the rainbow, and then you have the fun of iridescent beads!

The rainbow beaded i-cord ribbon is very simple to make.

It was designed using Incredible, a nylon ribbon put out by Lion Brand, in their rainbow colorway. The beads are 5mm megatamas from Toho. Laura used two double pointed size 4 needles.

It is difficult to give precise numbers and amounts for this kind of project -- gauge is not really a factor, though how tight or loosely one knits can be. When I tried out Laura's design, I found that 2 yards of ribbon and 40 beads gave me just about 3 1/2" of beaded i-cord. Use these numbers as approximations for an educated guess on how much of each you will need.

See our bead pages for supplies. We suggest any of the 5mm Megatamas, or the 5/0 beads. Or use this as a technique lesson and simply use it to make a beaded i-cord with another weight yarn and beads that fit it.

And then let you creativity take on wings and soar...add your own touches...A glorious summer-time project.

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