River Twist from Mountain Colors: Hot Springs/ + Great Cowl Idea

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I just found these --- I had gotten them from Mountain Colors some time ago, gasped at the colors and then for some odd reason stashed them away.

These are wonderful.

A 2-ply 100% merino, there are 240 yards to each 100 gram skein.

It is the colors that are phenomenal.

Each ply is dyed somewhat differently and then twisted around each other. The result is truly gorgeous.

Hot Springs is the one we have left. It is a brilliant bath of warm colors. Think of the overall look as being in the orange family with both red-orange and golden-orange, and then add some lime and red.

Strikingly lovely!

These are very special.

Here is a great idea:

if you have a copy of Sandra McIver's book “Knit, Swirl! “ and have been contemplating the great designs there, here is a marvelous way to use one skein of a delicious yarn and get a handle on how to make one of these!

I will quote Sandra here:

The Holidays are almost here, which means knitting season is in full swing for all of us. I’m thoroughly enjoying creating Swirl Super Swatch Cowls for everyone on my holiday gift list. I took several of them with me to a recent book signing/trunk show where they stole the show! Besides making great, warm, snuggly gifts that everyone is sure to love, these cowls offer the opportunity to swatch new yarns for future Swirls, or put to good use the leftover bits of yarn from completed Swirls.

What is a Swirl Super Swatch Cowl? It’s a nifty little pattern that serves as the ideal Swirl swatch — one that is good-sized and knit in the round. Perhaps even better, it gives the knitter a preview of, and practice in, most of the skills required to knit a Swirl. I hear all too frequently from knitters who’ve have been drooling over the patterns in knit, Swirl! for ages, but can’t quite get their nerve up to actually start that long-desired Swirl. The more they look at these uniquely shaped garments, the harder it is for them to believe that the knitting skills required are actually fairly basic. The Swirl Super Swatch Cowl gives these knitters the opportunity to discover that they really are up to the challenge, while simultaneously swatching for their first Swirl.

Here is a link to a PDF file that gives the directions. (We offer a different link to similar set of instructions towards the bottom of this web page too.)

Remember that you need the book to knit this. If you do have that, then go here for the directions for the cowl.

I made a few cowls last year and I must say that it is a fast and simple knit that makes for a delightful piece, slowly shaping as one continues. I gave them as gifts and they were super-well received. :-)

Just to remind you: this web page is for one skein of River Twist only and gives the link for the basic cowl directions. You must have the book to make this.

Note as of 12/15/2015: I came up with one other idea for this one that I like a lot. Take a look here at this great Yarn Tamer pattern.