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Shire + Rainbow
Shire + Rainbow
Galaxy + Swirling Skies
Galaxy + Swirling Skies
This, and each of the remaining photos, shows Svetlana's original piece.
This, and each of the remaining photos, shows Svetlana's original piece.
I love the dragon!
I love the dragon!

This is another pattern by Svetlana Gordon, a really lovely piece. 

Svetlana describes this as patchwork knitting and says, "This project seems complicated, but when you understand the knitting principle, it’ll becomes easy and fun."

Interestingly the project uses two different weights of yarn, an almost-solid lace weight, about 840 yards (768m) needed, and a variegated fingering weight, about 420 yards(385m). 

What we have put together for this design are not the same yarns as what Svetlana used for her original piece.  However, if you take a look at the Project Pages for inspiration, and use your imagination a bit, you will see that these will make for a very striking scarf indeed. 

For the lace weight yarn, we were able to get some limited colorways from The Alpaca Company in their delicious Suri Elegance (and at a very special price, I might add, which we pass on to you here).  Each skein is 100% Suri Alpaca (that is the highest quality alpaca there is) with 875 yards to each 100 gram skein.  

For the fingering weight yarn, we have some wonderful Ella Rae Lace Merino, 100%  merino with 460 yards/ 100 gram skein. 

One of the kits gives striking contrasts and the other has lovely blendings.  Here is what we have, one skein of each making up each kit;

1.  Suri Elegance in Shire + Ella Rae in Rainbow:  The Suri Elegance colorway was the specially dyed Yarn of the Month for July, 2016.  It is an almost-solid in a medium green, with some deeper tones and some lighter.  Overall it is a lovely summer green.  The contrast Ella Rae fingering weight yarn has all the colors of the rainbow in it.  Think of yellow through orange through red to green and then blue, indigo and purple entwining with the green.  A striking mix that will see you through the holidays and then some; a burst of color to brighten winter's days. 

2. Suri Elegance in Galaxy + Ella Rae Swirling Skies: The Galaxy was the Yarn of the Month for August 2016 and is simply gorgeous.  This is the depths of deep space, ranging mostly in midnight blue with smatterings of violets, roses and teals.  With it is an Ella Rae that mirrors those colors but in lighter tones.  (Officially, this colorway was given no name, just known by its colors of Royal/Blue/Green/Purple --- I like Swirling Skies as a more descriptive label.) There are various shades of blues and violets, roses and a bit of teal.  These two look amazing together with great depth and a wonderful overall look. (Sorry, sold out)

The Pattern

The pattern is only available here on Svetlana's Ravelry page. 

This will ensure that you get all updates and help that evolves with the design. 

Really beautiful while being an intriguing and interesting knit.