Silk Garden Sock Colorways/ For Noro Knots Perhaps

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The Reds (#S84)
The Reds (#S84)
Purple/ Grey/ Green (#S420)
Purple/ Grey/ Green (#S420)
Grey/Blue/Black (#S358)
Grey/Blue/Black (#S358)
Golds/Black/Purple (#S398)
Golds/Black/Purple (#S398)
This one and the next photo are of  Kieran's original wrap and used with his permission.
This one and the next photo are of Kieran's original wrap and used with his permission.

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Another marvelous design by Kieran Foley.  

Kieran made this originally using Kureyon Sock.  We can no longer get that and so are here offering Silk Garden Sock, a blended yarn which I actually much prefer and have found to be an excellent substitution.

 Note that this web page offers the yarn one skein at a time -- you will need to select at least two skeins, possibly three (as Silk Garden Sock has less yardage than Kureyon Sock did), to make a substantial piece.  

You might go for all the same colorway and just allow Noro's loooooong color repeats to change the hues for you as you knit or you might want to choose two or more different ones and switch colors as the spirit moves you.  

The Design

Here is how Kieran describes this wrap: 

This easy-to-knit pattern contains variations of the traditional feather and fan pattern, and some shaping to create biasing and a certain amount of gathering.

While working on the sample, I found that the abrupt color changes in the yarn (Noro Kureyon Sock) enhanced the drama of the stitch pattern - so I introduced more breaks in the yarn and switched between two skeins. This is definitely a good pattern for using up leftovers from other projects! 

It can be worn as a scarf or draped decoratively around the shoulders.

The sample scarf was knit on 5mm/US8 needles with 1.5 skeins/150g/630m/700yds of Noro Kureyon Sock yarn S250. 

Finished dimensions after blocking: an irregular parallelogram approximately 60x12in/150x30cm, flaring out to 18in/45cm at the short ends. It can also be left unblocked. 

(The wide range of colors in the yarn is difficult to capture on camera, and the colors change with the light.)

The pdf includes 3 charts and short instructions.

The Yarn and Colorways

The original yarn, Noro Kureyon Sock, has  462 yards (422 meters) in each100 grams (3.53 ounces) skein.  It is a blend of 70% Wool/ 30% Nylon.

What we have here is Noro Silk Garden: 40% wool/ 25% silk/ 25% nylon/ 10% mohair, and with 328 yards (300 meters) to each 100 grams (3.53 ounces).  

 I would recommend getting three skeins to be sure to get the size you'd like, or go with one or two and then supplement with solids from your stash, perhaps. 

I purposely brought in the colorways I have here numbered as 2, 3, and 4 as I felt they look very "right" together, each adding something to the other.  So if you want to go with three distinct colorways, you might really like one of each of those three.  If you would prefer to go with one colorway for the whole, then any of these four will hold its own and looks superb. 

Choose your yarn by the skein.  Here are the colorways we have to offer:

1. Reds (#S84):  This is really a lovely blending primarily of reds and pinks and oranges, with some green and plum mixed in as well.

2. Purple/Grey/Green (#S420):  This is a cool mixing of the colors of a spring garden.  Orchid, iris, lilac, amethyst blend into indigo, emerald, pink -- and I am sure I've missed some of the hues that are here.  Quite something.  

3. Grey/Blue/Black (#S358):  These are midnight colors.  Deep charcoal and black mingles with indigo and cobalt.  Rich and deep. 

4. Golds/Black/Purple (#S398):  Picture a sunlit meadow with buttercups, daffodiles, lilacs and violets and the majestic mountains in the background.  Here are varying yellows and yellow-green and golds, iris and violets, charcoal and black. Striking!

The Pattern

Please note that the pattern is not included in this particular Kit.

You can purchase it directly from Kieran's Ravelry Store.  This will also make sure the pattern is stored in your Library and should there be any updates, you will get them automatically.