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Sweetness & Light/ KAL: Pre-Order1
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Sweetness & Light/ KAL: Pre-Order1
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Sweetness & Light/ KAL: Pre-Order1
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Sweetness & Light/ KAL: Pre-Order1
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Sweetness & Light/ KAL: Pre-Order1
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We are temporarily suspending the pre-orders of this lovely shawl. This will likely be only for a short period of time while we catch up to past orders.

This started as a great Mystery Knit ALong, with Liz of Apple Tree Knits.

No longer a mystery, with the permission of some awesome knitters, we are gradually adding photos of a few of the finished shawls. Truly lovely.

We had named the project Sweetness & Light to reflect two major aspects of this neat project.

Sweetness: All of the colorways are based on desserts. Light: the addition of beads to catch the light and add a great beauty to your piece.

The KAL had started on November 1st. You can go to the ATK Ravelry forum to gather some excellent data on the knitting of this lovely piece.

From here, on this web page you can select your colorway for the yarn and beads to be used -- a four-ounce gradiently dyed skein of yarn plus 25 grams fo 6/0 beads. There is also an option to adding an additional two-ounce skein of a solid color for the final border -- more details given below.

Note however that the pattern must be purchased separately from Liz's Ravelry page for Sweetness and Light MKAL.

All of this yarn is being dyed specially for you once you pre-order it so that time is a factor in getting it to you. It can be up to three weeks from the time you order to the point your kit ships from here -- maybe sooner, and hopefully not later, but if you think with that time frame it should be close.


Some points about the pattern itself:

* Lace (no patterning on WS rows)

* Top-down

* A little bit of (optional) beading

* Perfect for gradients


The yarn as dyed and offered in this kit is Plush Fingering, a 100% superwash merino, with its 4 ounce (113g) "cake" containing 560 yards (512m).

Chocolate Topaz Gradient: This is the colorway that started the ideas rolling. Think of a chocolate cake with blue icing piped around the edges. Or a mix of woodland tones and sky tones. The blue in the center is a brilliant rich turquoise which then goes to a teal and then green and into chocolate brown. Yum! And Monica (known on Ravelry as dairyvet13) has allowed us to share a photo of her finished shawl, knit in this colorway. A beauty!

Creme Brulée Gradient is a warm colorway, with a lovely golden yellow in the center, radiating out into more and more brown. Definitely good enough to eat. And the lovely shawl you see here was knit by Barb (aka Skilly) -- yum indeed! (Note that she started with the lightest color (the yellow in the center of the skein) and finished the shawl before she got to the darker browns at the outer rings. This is just one way this beauty can finish up.)

Honeydew Gradient will be familiar to those who did the Renaissance Shawl KAL with us. We loved the look of this and it fit so well into our dessert theme. A light lime green starts in the middle and the greens go deeper and blue-er as they progress. Juicy and delightful. Nancy (known on Ravelry as laceknits) is allowing us to show her stunning worik-in-progress, knit in Honeydew. Really something special.

Raspberry Cake Gradient looks scrumptious. The cake part is wound in the center, a soft brown that then gradually changes into berry colors -- a bit of rust orange, a rose violet, and then a rich raspberry colorway. The photo here shows the shawl created by Beth (aka on ravelry: bethg727). It looks marvelous!

Blueberries 'n Cream Gradient is a wonderful blend of blues, starting with cloud white and moving into sky blue and then a royal. Delicious. This shawl was knit by Laura (aka gogoknitnut) -- absolutely lovely.

BTW, bear in mind (and this is important) that any of these gradient skeins can be begun from either end. So (for example) you can decide to start the Chocolate Topaz so that the brown end is closer to your face or alternatively, the turquoise end. Don't think that the order in which I am describing these colorways in any way impacts the order that they should be knit.

Only 280 of size 6/0 beads are needed. We will be including 25 grams of beads with each kit.

There are quite a few I like with each of these colorways. Here are just a few -- there are many more that will look very fine. To name the first few that caught my eye: for Chocolate Topaz I am inclined towards Silver Lined Root Beer, Silver Lined Emerald AB or for a subtle look that mirrors all its colors, the Root Beer Lined Light Topaz AB. I just got in a new bead, Dyed Silver Lined Blue Zircon, which is a deep rich teal and I think would look marvelous with this too. With Creme Brulee I like the golden beads, particularly Duracoat Galvanized Gold or Champagne. With Honeydew, the ones that particularly strike me are the Silver Lined Chartreuse AB and the Duracoat Galvanized Dark Mint. Raspberry Cake looks great with Garnet Lined Ruby AB or Raspberry Lined Crystal AB for another very subtle look. And the Blueberries 'n Cream matches the Silver Lined Sapphire AB beautifully and also looks great with Cobalt Lined Sapphire AB.

That is not to limit the beads for these kits. There are lots of beautiful bead colors that will enhance the yarn colors, too many to list here. If you have a preference, let me know via the Comments section as you check out. Otherwise, let me choose for you.

Note as of 9/27: For bead purposes, Liz has given a bit of the mystery away but letting folks know that the beads will mostly be falling in the middle section and she suggests coordinating them with the middle color and the next-to-last color. . Now sometimes it is nice to match to those colors and sometimes it is nice to bring in the other tones of the colorway to pull them all into a whole. This is a matter of aesthetics. Again, if you have a preference, let me know.


And here is a neat addition that Liz is offering. None of her test knitters had any difficulty completing the project with the yardage in one skein; however, Liz herself found she was cutting it very very close. So if you wish to add an additional two ounce (57 gram) skein in a solid color that coordinates with one end of your gradient skein, that option is here too. That would assure you of having well-more than enough yardage. Plus it gives you the opportunity to do the lower border in a different color, reflecting the color that you started with. Which, as a design element, I think would look quite lovely indeed.

So, for example, with the Blueberries 'm Cream you might like to have an extra two ounce skein in cloud white (lightest color) or alternatively in royal blue (the darkest color). Think of the "lightest" color as the one in the center of each cake of yarn as seen here and the "darkest" as the outer circle one. And make sure to set the drop-down menu as you wish before you check out.


Again -- because it is important -- this web page allows you to get the kit, consisting of yarn and beads. You must go to Liz's Sweetness and Light Ravelry page here to purchase the pattern/clues.

Wow! That was a lot of talking on my part. Please email me if you have any questions.

Tremendous fun! We hope you will join us.

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