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Troika Wrap-Around Shawl/ pattern

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  Troika Wrap-Around Shawl/ pattern1
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Troika Wrap-Around Shawl/ pattern1
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This is a great pattern! Here are excellent directions from Jackie E-S of HeartStrings Fiber Arts, clear and simple, accompanied by a black and white diagram -- a recipe for making your own very unique and wonderful wrap.

The Troika Wrap-Around Shawl is a wonderfully simple and fun shawl that is shaped like a giant butterfly. Knit in a 3-ball garter stitch technique from the top-down, this is a great pattern for using a mix of different types of yarns. Shaping is done with simple yarn overs, and creates the traditional Faroese-style shawl with center back panel, side front panels, and shaped shoulders. The elongated front panels allow you to wear this shawl in lots of ways, including tied around the back.

Requires approximately 600 yards of each of three different yarns (or combinations of yarns) in sport to worsted-weight.

The picture we show here is meant to demonstrate the shaping of the shawl and is but one of a trillion possibilities.

The photo below shows another, made by Margaret Pittman of Heritage Yarns used one skein of Heritage Cotton/Rayon in color Atlantic Moonglow, 3 skeins of Heritage Cotton/Metallic in color Moonlit Sky, and some mohair/acrylic/wool blend yarn that was in her stash.

I have one which I keep over the banister and grab any time the temperature drops enough to want that warmth around the shoulders. It stays put and is a delight to wear -- in fact, I am wearing it now as I type these words. I made mine without the traditional "wings" of Faroese shawls, which allow them to be tied around one's body -- instead I stopped earlier and mine hangs straight down from my shoulders. I mention this to demonstrate again an option one has when creating one's own .

My personal favorite shawl -- highly recommended and great for using stash yarns.

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