Aase's Shawl Pattern/ by Kristi

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A lovely shawl design by Kristi. The pattern is dedicated to her Aunt Aase, who was instrumental in teaching her to knit when she lived in Norway in the 1980s.

She writes:

A wavy pattern reminiscent of the waters of the fjords of Norway, a lacy border pattern short or full, accent this crescent shaped shawl. Sparkling beads are like the sun on the rippling waters.

The pattern has written row by row instructions and charts are included in the pattern along with some helpful Designer’s Tips. And beads are optional embellishments. It can be knit in either fingering weight or lace weight yarn.

There are options for knitting this in a huge range of sizes, from shawlette to X-large, with a short border or with a full border,with nupps, or with beads. The range of yarn runs from 400 yards for the smallest through to 750 for the largest with a full border plus an extra 175 yards for adding nupps. (If you need more specifics, just email me.)

If you plan on knitting this in lace weight, then go for size 8/0 beads. And fingering weight yarn needs size 6/0s. Again there is a range of amounts from 200 to 396.


This page offers the hard copy of the pattern, 7 pages printed out on heavy weight paper and slid into a sheet protector.

I think this will be a marvelous project!