Affinity/ Lace Shawl/ Beaded Kits

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Cash Fine in Burgundy
Cash Fine in Burgundy
Cash Fine in Ashes
Cash Fine in Ashes
Hayley's original shawl
Hayley's original shawl

I've had my eye on Affinity by Hayley Tsang Sather for quite a while. 

Please get your pattern directly from the designer's Ravelry page.  What we offer here is the yarn and beads for the knitting....

The Design

Here is what Hayley writes: 

Inspired by the romantic Edwardian era fashion, Affinity is a long, deep crescent-shape shawl with ends that curve up. It is elegant and feminine without being over-the-top frilly. 

Affinity can be knitted with one yarn – from smooth yarn such as pure silk, silk blend, pure wool, and wool blend – to fuzzy yarn that contains mohair, or two yarns with distinct textural differences, smooth versus fuzzy, of the same or very similar colorway. It is worked from the top down with increases at the edges as well as throughout the body.

It uses approximately 600-675y / 550-620m of fingering-weight yarns if using one yarn OR 330-375y / 300-345m of the smooth and 270-300y / 250-275m the fuzzy yarn if using two. It may also be knitted in heavy-lace-weight yarn for a more open fabric or sport-weight yarn for a warm and cozy result.

Yarn and Colorway

We do not offer the same yarn that Hayley used in her original. As she recommends heavy lace (no lighter than 760 y / 695 m per 100 g) as one option, that is what we are offering.  

The top photo has a little inset photo at the lower left hand corner showing the yarns we have for these kits.  You can see them better in the second and third photos on this page. 

Cash Fine is a delicious yarn which has, unfortunately, been discontinued.  Part of the KFI Luxury Collection, it is made of 70% extrafine merino/ 30% cashemre.   There are 355 yards (325m) per 50g skein.  

We have two solid colors that you can choose between: 

1.  Burgundy is a deep rich wine color, very delicious indeed. 

2. Ashes is a lovely charcoal, very sophisticated.  Take a look at the Project Pages.  There are some stunning pieces in greys -- this one in particular caught my eye. 

As Hayley recommends 600 - 675 yards (549 - 617 m) of yarn, two skeins will be included in each kit. 

The Beads

Hayley writes

Affinity may be knitted without beads, with one-color beads, or with two different color beads of similar value.

The pattern gives you the option of adding beads to Section A, B, C, D, E, H, I, J, and/or K, any of them or all of them.  

To bead everything in one color, you will need 680 beads.  To bead everything in two colors, you will need 383 beads and 297 beads.  Or any amount less than that -- you can add or subtract based on your own asthetics.  


The drop-down menu labeled Kit offers your choice of one color or two -- there will be about 60g of size 6/0 beads for those choosing one color and roughly 30g of each of two colors if that is your preference. 

I am thinking dramatic beads for these yarns -- silver, gold or something else that would really stand out. 

If you have a preference on bead color, tell me. Otherwise I will choose for you.