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The yarns for the colorway Alberta Rose.
The yarns for the colorway Alberta Rose.
The Alberta Moss shawl as knit by ckwquilt.
The Alberta Moss shawl as knit by ckwquilt.
The Alberta Magic Mirror as knit by maryscottrph.
The Alberta Magic Mirror as knit by maryscottrph.

We have one extra kit of the Alberta Rose colorway in stock!


Lots of additional data on this page where we offer pre-orders in all the colorways of this kit. This page offers the one kit that we have as an "extra" in stock and ready to ship. 

This is a kit for the lovely design called Alberta, created by Anne-Lise Maigaard  as created with yarn dyed by The Unique Sheep and beads from us at EarthFaire.

Really lovely.


The Design

Here is how Anne-Lise describes this shawl pattern of hers:

The Alberta Shawl features leaves and waves and of course the wild rose edging. Work it in three colours or two or one, or go wild and crazy and use up all your coordinating fancy yarn left-overs in the waves section. 

The Yarn

Our current yarn is Selene, a 100% superwash merino, with 875 yards (800m) per 100g. 

The darker skein in each trio has 265 yards, the other two have 300 yards. This gives you well more than you need to knit the shawl as-is. Each set also comes with a smaller skein of 150 yards in a specially designed Accent Color (as mentioned above).

The Colorway

The second photo on this page shows what we are calling Alberta Rose. It is based on the lovely photo of the Alberta Rose flower that was sent to us on our Ravelry forum by stitchalong (Rav name).

This is the kit we currently have in stock.  

The Gradiance skeins run from a very very pale pink through to pink and then to rose, with the Accent skein a medium green. 


Unfortunately we do not have any photos right now of the Alberta Rose set knitted up. 

Take a look at the next-to-last photo on this page to see the beautiful piece that ckwquilt (Raverly name) has created with the Alberta Moss colorway. We thought it shows the design beautifully.  

And the last photo on this page (courtesy of maryscottrph) is of a Magic Mirror set knit up.  Yum!


The Beads

Now let's talk beads: For a lace weight yarn, I generally advise the lighter (and smaller) 8/0 beads though Anne-Lise recommends either the 8/0s or the 6/0s.  

What is needed is between 646 beads (small size) and 738 beads (large size).  In size 8/0 beads that is just around 20 grams.  In size 6/0 beads, you'd need close to 70 grams.

Your kit will automatically include 20 grams of the size 8/0 beads.  

(If you decide you'd prefer the larger 6/0s, email me and we'll work it out.) 

I see three ways to go with beads, or actually four.

We can stick with neutral colors, like Silver Lined Crystal or S/L Crystal AB; these would stand out beautifully.

Or we could go with beads that "go" with the main colors, such as Silver Lined Amethyst AB with the Alberta Oberon to give one example.

Or we could add beads that work with the Accent colors and connect the whole in a wonderful way. As an example again, the Alberta Oberon in that case might have S/L Dark Gold AB beads, so the gold is sprinkled around the whole and brings the Accent color more into play.

I am setting up a drop-down menu so you can choose Main color for your beads, Accent color for your beads, or Neutrals.

Or if you would like to leave it up to me, choose "Whatever!"  :-)

The Pattern

Note also that the kit will not automatically include the pattern and the cost of the pattern has not been figured into the cost of the kit.

I know some knitters prefer to get it directly as a PDF file of the pattern from Anne-Lise via her Ravelry web page. In that case, make sure the drop-down menu is set to "No Pattern Needed."

Alternatively, if you would like a printed copy, then the "Pattern" drop-down menu should be set to that (it is a very comprehensive 13 pages, btw). We also can email the pattern to you via email (just be aware that it is not automatic; I have to manually send it to you so it might take a bit of time for me to get to it).

Let me make it clear that if I email you the pattern, it will not be added to your Ravelry library; if that is where you would like it saved, then please get it directly from Anne-Lise as noted above.

So there are three drop-down menus to make sure to set as you would like before you check out. Pick your colorway of yarn, then your general color family for beads and also your pattern type. That way your kit will be made specifically to suit your tastes and be truly unique to you.

Oh, and btw, the pattern has both charts and written out directions.

This will be a wondrous piece; I am delighted we're able to offer it.