Aliseda Shawl/ Beaded Design by Susanna IC/ Pre-Orders

The shawl as knit in Treasure Chest.
The shawl as knit in Treasure Chest.
The shawl as knit in the Enchanted Garden colorway.
The shawl as knit in the Enchanted Garden colorway.
And Treasure Chest again.
And Treasure Chest again.
The mirror-image (the more golden side) of Treasure Chest.
The mirror-image (the more golden side) of Treasure Chest.
This shows the full range of Treasure Chest so you can get an idea of how the colors blend.
This shows the full range of Treasure Chest so you can get an idea of how the colors blend.
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Special notice:

After 15 years with The Unique Sheep, Kelly is retiring at the end of this year. Kelly is the amazing dyeing who creates the colors for these kits.

We still have a few months before Kelly retires and during that time we will continue to take these dyed-to-order requests.

If you have been considering this kit, you would be best served not putting it off. We will be bringing in a very limited number of "in stock" kits as the time gets closer but to be sure of getting what you want, now is the time.  


This is a Pre-Order for this most beautiful shawl. Just know that there will be a wait of about 4 to 6 weeks for the yarn to be dyed specially for your order.


Please note our policy here on shipping and pre-orders. 


This is a stunning beaded shawl design by Susanna IC .

Susanna created a gorgeous shawl, constructed form the top down, starting with short rows, and forming a graceful crescent shape. There is a deep border with beaded lace.

The Colorways

This piece will be available in two new and exclusive colorways from The Unique Sheep.

The two new colorways were developed by Kelly, playing around with a marvelous new idea of hers, of color circles.

For one, she took golds and gradually changed the hue by adding more and more rose as she went around the circle. Half a circle's worth (with golds into rose) was sent on to Susanna to "play" with (take a look at the second photo on this page as well as the others which show this rosy-golden beauty). We are calling this colorway Treasure Chest. It starts with a bit of gold and goes on into deep coppery rose.

The last photo on this page shows the set we are calling Mirror Image of Treasure Chest -- in other words, the other side of the circle. This one was not used in the original piece nor the test knitting so we have no finished shawls in it, alas. It has subtle differences to the first one. There are predominant gold tones, a whole of coppery browns to golds with just whispers of pink to it.

The other colorway, the one you can see in the first photo on this web page (and the other purple/violet ones as well), comes from another circle which went from roses into periwinkles into purples. Again, a half-circle was used to create the other option for this stunning shawl -- rich magentas into purples -- you can see the ones use in the photos here. And we are calling this colorway Enchanted Garden.

(The Mirror Image of Enchanted Garden is no longer being offered as it is so very close to the other.)

Really and truly, these are all stunning.

The Yarns

Each set will have a total of roughly 600 yards dyed in your Gradiance choice, 6 skeinettes each.  

The original one was dyed in Luxe; this is no longer available.  Instead we have Kiri

Kiri is a 80% superwash merino/ 20% silk.  It looks and feels awesome -- and many test knitters preferred it.  

The Beads

Each kit will include 6/0 beads -- at least 475 of them -- to make a wonderful addition to the whole. The original Treasure Chest was knit using Silver Lined Dark Topaz AB and the first Enchanted Garden glows with Silver Lined Smoky Amethyst AB.

That doesn't mean we have to stick with those -- if you want another color of beads, let me know; these just happen to look marvelous. :-) Let me choose your beads for you unless you have strong feelings about what you want.

Plus Susanna pops in to our Ravelry forum as needed if anyone would like some help or just to talk about knitting this beauty. Which is a wonderful extra.


Make your selection from the drop-down menu. These kits are being sold on a pre-order basis only. We take orders and then send Kelly final numbers for this first wave of kits. Please be aware that it will be some time before these are ready -- the yarns are individually dyed to order and the whole process can take some weeks or even more. However, I have no reservation on saying that these are very well worth it.

The Pattern

Note that the kit will not automatically include the pattern.

I know some knitters prefer to get it directly as a PDF file of the pattern from Susanna via her Ravelry web page. If that is how you would like to go, then set the "Pattern" drop-down menu to "No Pattern Needed."

Alternatively, if you would prefer a printed copy, please make sure the "Pattern" drop-down menu is set to that and we'll get that to you in your kit.

We also can send the pattern to you via email and if you choose that option, I will send it to you just before shipping out your kit.

(Please note that this pattern is charted only.)

Make sure to set each of the drop-down menus before you check out.

This is truly beautiful.


P.S. If you have any special requests, feel free to contact us