All the Right Angles/ Vest or Jacket Pattern by Catie

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We can now offer this pattern as either an emailed PDF version or as a hard copy printed out and mailed to you -- your choice.  

Just know that sending via email is not automatic; I have to manually send the pdfs and usually do so when working on sending out kits (so it might be a short wait).

And, of course, the printed copy is more expensive as it is set to allow for printing costs and shipping fees. 


Catie discovered the marvelous color gradations in JojoLand's fun Rhythm yarn, and she took off on a wonderful journey!

We're absolutely thrilled with where her explorations took her -- and what she is sharing here.

This is a most detailed pattern, which gives you fantastic options -- you can make a vest or you can make a jacket. You can choose your colors and play with the look to suit your aesthetics. Great fun!

The great effect (that can be seen best in the photos below) of changing hues is done by using one colorway of JojoLnd's Rhythm with its gradually changing colors against a background of one solid color of Baritone. Each ply of Rhythm is individually colored and yet matched with each of the other plies so that the whole is a wonderful melding of colors in a gradual transition -- absolutely delightful and it gives a wonderful effect in a pattern like this one.

Here is how Catie describes the design:

"When every angle is right, you just can't go wrong?

"Not only a play on words, the mitered stripes are actually flattering. They're horizontal across the shoulders and vertical through the mid-section, so they visually slim and trim your silhouette.

"Make a Vest or add sleeves and make a Jacket. This garment isn't as difficult as it looks, because every row of the pattern is written out for you in great detail."


Directions are given for finished bust sizes ranging from small (at 36") through medium (42") and large (48"). The vest uses 6(7,8) balls of JojoLand's Baritone (the solid colored yarn) and 3(3,4) of Rhythm (the gradually changing variegated yarn). If you want the jacket, increased the number of balls of Baritone to 11(12, 13).

Catie's original used size 7 (US) needles, a circular one of 24" or longer and a set of straight ones.

And! "Use store=bought buttons if you like or make your own! Crocheted button instructions are included." If you want store-bought buttons, aim for five of them, between 7/8 to 1" in diameter.


We realize that often people would like to duplicated exactly the colorways used in a pattern like this. Unfortunately, the dark navy Baritone that Catie chose to use with the variegated Red Blue Berry Rhythm of her model is out of stock and not due in for some weeks. However, we worked with Jojo to select other great color combinations so we can offer them. We went with the original Rhythm yarns simply because the superwash has a shininess that the Baritone (as a non-superwash) does not. Obviously, this can be a pleasing design element as well and you should allow your imagination to roam free and select colorways that sing to you.

We thought long and hard about how to offer the yarns here, and decided that it was too complicated to offer all the possibilities on this one web page as a "kit". So instead, consider this a make-your-own-kit concept. On our yarn pages, you will find the Rhythm colors and the Baritone ones as well. Here are some suggestions, of Rhythm and Baritone colors that we think will work great together for this design, with a bit of contrast but a lovely melding of hues as well:

1. Cool Crystal with Bay Blue

2. Magic Moment with Logan Berry or Quiet Green (for more of a contrast)

3. Sunflowers with Burgundy

4. Spring Field with Quiet Green

5. Winter Frost with Cream

6. Plum Wine with Logan Berry or Burgundy

7. Bumble Berry with Logan Berry

8. Red Blue Berry with Burgundy

9. Sandy Beach Sky with Tobacco Brown

It would actually be very easy to go on and on and on. Many of the Rhythms have multiple colors and "go" perfectly with a somewhat contrasting Baritone. If you would like any suggestions to work with the Rhythm Superwash colorways that we have, do email us. We love to play with colors.

We are really pleased with this pattern -- a great new design that is unique and sure to please, both in the making of it and the wearing.