Amitola/ Color Choices for Hibiscus by Kieran Foley

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Parakeet -- we show multiple balls of the Amitola here so you can get a good idea of the range of colors.
Parakeet -- we show multiple balls of the Amitola here so you can get a good idea of the range of colors.
This photos and the ones that follow are all of Kieran's original shawl.
This photos and the ones that follow are all of Kieran's original shawl.

This web page is for single balls of Amitola -- you will need at least three (your choice of colors, mix-and-match) to make this gorgeous Hibiscus Shawl. 


This is another marvelous design by Kieran Foley.  

Here we present kits for knitting his Hibiscus, a glorious song of color. 

The Design

I quote Kieran here: 

Colorful inventive lace knitting inspired by exotic tropical blooms in botanical gardens.

The zigzags and clusters combine a variety of increases with stacked centered double decreases - a variation on Xandy Peters’ stacked decrease technique. The simple lace eyelet section (repeated throughout the shawl) is charted and the rest of the pattern is fully written out.

The Yarn and Colorways

The sample shawl (as shown in these photos) was knit on 3.25mm/US3 needles with approximately160g/675m/710yds of leftovers.  And finished dimensions of approximately 145cm/57in long by 47cm/18.5in wide.

Kieran writes: 

Easily customizable, it’s a great pattern for using up odds and ends of different yarns - you can mix and match the various elements in the pattern and have fun experimenting with color combinations.

What we have for these kits is another yarn in different colorways -- your finished shawl will not be an exact duplicate but instead another beautiful version.  The yarn we have here can be seen in the inset photos on the top picture and again below that. 

The yarn is Amitola from Louisa Harding, and is 80% Wool 20% Silk with approximately 273 yards per 50 gram ball.  So three skeins of this will give 819 yards, well more than the needed yardage for the shawl.  

We brought in a few colorways with the idea of mix-and-match, just as Kieran did with his original.  

 Note that this web page is set up for your getting one ball at a time.  Just keep going until you have ordered the three (or more) that you would like for this beautiful piece. 

Even though you could, if you wish, use one colorway (3 skeins) for the shawl, I found it looks best when the colors change dramatically at certain points.  For this, you will want at least one other color to switch to periodically.  The designer gives suggestions on when to change yarns; these can be followed or you can do this at your own points, based on what is being created within your own piec. 

 These are the colorways to choose among: 

1.  Parakeet  is a great play on the cool side of the color wheel, ranging between varying tones of green (from spring green into true green and pine), gradually adding more blues to become teal and then progressing to indigo and a touch of blue-violet. Beautiful. (Sorry, sold out)

2.  Pumpkin is, as the name suggests, a play on oranges.  Think tiger and fire and bronze and apricot, marmalade and amber, all gently bridging one to the next as the colors promenade over your knitting.

3. Amelia is again cool tones, this time mostly blues into red-violets:  magneta and mulberry into wine and then a bit of peacock and aegean inot a soft sapphire.  There are just whispers of green and teal.  A cool breeze.  

4. Morgan is a soft blend of colors that speak to me of summer.  From a soft latte into a vibrant lime and then gradually changing into moss and then sky blue.  

We selected these colorways with an eye to being able to blend one with any of the others.  You can simply select the ones that appeal to you and create a marvelous beauty here. 

The Pattern

The pdf includes one simple lace chart, written instructions, notes on the increases and decreases and a splicing phototutorial.

Please note that the pattern is not included in this particular Kit.

You can purchase it directly from Kieran's Ravelry Store.  This will also make sure the pattern is stored in your Library and should there be any updates, you will get them automatically. 

Quite a striking piece and really fun to knit.