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More photos of Cat's originals
More photos of Cat's originals

It was wih great sadness that we had heard of the passing of Cat Bordhi.  I never met her in person but I did correspond with her via email and was always struck by her warmth and giving-ness (and if that is not a word, it should be).

Here is a kit made up for one of my favorite patterns of hers.  All it requires is a skein of yarn and a real sense of humor. 


I love making bright colorful accessories to combat Old Man Winter's greys and blahs. And Cat Bordhi's Anemone Hat is a perfect smile-maker!

The Design

Cat writes:

If you wear an Anemone Hat, you will have to get used to being stopped by strangers who are smiling at you and want to tell you how much they like your hat.

In the Pacific Northwest, I wear my hats fall through spring, and they inspire ten times as many comments as anything else I have ever designed. An Anemone Hat can provide all these things for you: cozy warmth, beauty, a non-prescription anti-depressant, and a good-hair day.

The pattern includes the Everyday Anemone as well as a heavier version called the Arctic Anemone, which also has a picot edge variation.

Both versions give you the choice of Moebius brim or a simple circle brim. If you’ve never made a Moebius before, you’ll find detailed instructions, illustrations, and a link to my Moebius video tutorial (which has well over a quarter of a million views) to start you on your way. The pattern also includes a link to my tendril video tutorial. Designer Annie Modesitt taught me to make tendrils — thank you, Annie!

The Everyday Anemone Hat is knit with worsted yarn at 4 1/4 sts to the inch, and comes in five sizes, from baby to large adult.

The Arctic Anemone comes in two adult sizes, and is knit with bulky yarn at 3 sts to the inch. Both hats should be knit with super wash yarn so the tendrils can be plumped up in the washer and dryer. You will love the transformation when they come out.

Yarn and Colorways

What we offer here is a kit for the "Everyday" hat.  The yarn is from Manos, their Alegria Grande,  75% merino superwash + 25% nylon with 197 yards/ 100g.

You can see our colorways in the inset photo on the top picture and again below that.  Note that these are not the same yarns as the ones Cat used to knit her original pieces. 

1.  Mauve is an almost-solid, with subtle variations of tone.  It is overall a pale mauve,not quite pink, not quite lilac.

2.  Gleam is a most interesting colorway.  Mostly black with short sections of pink shot through. 

3.  Tannat is a marvelous happy variegated colorway including rich purple, violet, teal, fuchsia, amber and maybe a few others I missed. 

The Pattern

We are offering a few pattern options here.

If you prefer to get the pattern via Ravelry, choose "No pattern needed".  You can find it here.  That will put the pattern in your Ravelry library. 

Alternatively, if you would like us to email the pattern to you, there is that option on the drop-down menu as well.  Just know that it is not automatic and I have to send it manually.  I usually do that right before shipping your kit.

If you would prefer a hard copy, make sure the drop-down menu is set to "Printed Pattern" and we will include that.

We leave the choice up to you -- the kit as it is set up now will not automatically give you the pattern, simply a skein of your chosen yarn as shown here.

Truly a fun project -- and it makes a joyful gift too.


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