Anemone Hat/ Pattern by Cat Bordhi

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A fun fun fun hat by Cat Bordhi -- one that has brightened many a dull winter's day.


Cat Bordhi is an amazing designer who has "unvented" so many wonderful new ways to bring joy to knitting --- she is the force behind knitting circularly on two circular needles, a vast array of exciting moebius designs, new ways to create socks, and so much more besides. Well, here is a marvelous hat: the Anemone and it is a real winner.

I quote Cat here:

If you wear an Anemone Hat, you will have to get used to being stopped by strangers who are smiling at you and want to tell you how much they like your hat. In the Pacific Northwest, I wear my hats fall through spring, and they inspire ten times as many comments as anything else I have ever designed. An Anemone Hat can provide all these things for you: cozy warmth, beauty, a non-prescription anti-depressant, and a good-hair day.

The pattern includes the Everyday Anemone as well as a heavier version called the Arctic Anemone, which also has a picot edge variation.

Both versions give you the choice of Moebius brim or a simple circle brim. If you’ve never made a Moebius before, you’ll find detailed instructions, illustrations, and a link to my Moebius video tutorial (which has well over a quarter of a million views) to start you on your way. The pattern also includes a link to my tendril video tutorial. Designer Annie Modesitt taught me to make tendrils — thank you, Annie!

The Everyday Anemone Hat is knit with worsted yarn at 4 1/4 sts to the inch, and comes in five sizes, from baby to large adult. The Arctic Anemone comes in two adult sizes, and is knit with bulky yarn at 3 sts to the inch. Both hats should be knit with super wash yarn so the tendrils can be plumped up in the washer and dryer. You will love the transformation when they come out.


I made one of these last winter and can attest to the tremendous fun involved in making it as well as the happy joy that comes from wearing it.




The pattern comes with directions for a great number of sizes: Baby (toddler, youth; adult med, adult lg), head circumference measures 17 (181/2, 191/2; 21, 23)" or 43 (47, 50; 53, 58) cm.

Here we are offering a hard copy of the pattern, printed out for you, a hard copy with all ten pages slid into a sheet protector. The links are written out and can easily be put into a computer or similar device so you can see the great tutorials that Cat offers.

If you would prefer a PDF instead, let me know and we can work that out as well. 

The photos here show the original hats that Cat made, photographed by Vivian Audrey. Some show the Arctic version and some the Everyday version.

Beautiful, fun and very happy indeed!