Angel Pearls Beaded Scarf/ Pattern

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Sivia Harding designed this elegant scarf, featuring intricate lace with beaded accents.

She created a lovely pattern using fine yarn and 6/0 beads. The scarf is knit from one end to the other, without grafting or provisional cast on. Instructions are included for placing beads in knitting and making optional tassels from yarn or beads. A great project that yields not only a gorgeous garment but a better educated bead-knitter --- Sivia is a wonderful instructor. She writes as if she is peeking over your shoulder.

The design uses 76 of the size 6/0 beads for the scarf itself, added using the crochet hook method of placing beads as one comes to that part of the knitting (no need to pre-string the beads onto the yarn). So figure that you need a very very thin crochet hook. (We carry them on our Hooks and Needles page -- the Inox size 14 would work well here as well as some others. Email us if you have any questions.)

The knitter is given a choice of making yarn and bead tassels (where one might use up to 240 more size 6/0 beads and two size 8mm beads).

You will need about 230 yards of a fingering weight or lace weight yarn, a bit more if you would like to make the tassels.

Gorgeous! This will make quite a stunning scarf indeed.