Angry Dragon: Beaded Kits

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Impressionist Sky
Impressionist Sky
This photo shows the overall design features.
This photo shows the overall design features.

Angry Dragon is a gloriously beaded creation, a variation on Wingspan by maylin Tri'Coterie Designs


Please be sure to get the pattern from Maylin's Ravelry page here.  What we offer is yarn plus beads to make it with. 


Maylin has taken her originally free pattern, Wingspan, and expanded it into an ebook with lots of variations and suggestions for expansion. 

I quote her here:

This started as a rewrite of Wingspan to clarify the most common queries I had but since I was charging I wanted to add extra content.

It includes the structure of Wingspan and how changing certain stitch counts can dramatically change your final creation.

You have all the information to modify to your hearts content.

Included will be 3 extra pattern modifications to show you how to do it.

This is a very comprehensive ebook which will contain more than 20 pages when complete.


Angry Dragon is one of these versions.  Basically a series of right angled triangles formed by short rows and linked with bands of beading, it can be easily made larger or smaller.  Maylin says that it can be made with any yarn as long as you have beads to fit. 

Our kits offer 100g of fingering weight yarn and about 1,000 size 6/0 beads. 

(You will also need stitch markers and a thin crochet hook for adding the beads (about 0.6mm - 0.75mm) -- those are not included in the kit though we do carry them elsewhere on our website.) 

I love how the iris highlights look on the beads that Maylin chose -- I scattered some possibilities on the photo of the yarn you see here to give you an idea of our looks. 

 From Malabrigo, this is Sock, 100% plied merino superwash with 440 yards/100g.  The colorway is Impressionist Sky, a rich and beautiful blue. 

The beads will be similar to what you see on the yarns (unless you tell me differently, of course). 

The beads on the Impressionist Sky are Metallic Variegated Blue Iris (from Miyuki).