Anne Ruana/ Pattern from Schaefer

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Using nine different colors/skeins of Anne, from Schaefer Yarn, this stunning wrap is a perfect and intriguing way to use up all those skeins that caught your eye and have been being saved for a rainy day!

A collaborative effort by Esperanza Ducot, Cheryl Schaefer and Laura Nelkin, this is a real beauty! It is modular knitting (my favorite) and is worked from the bottom left forner to the right front corner in one piece. The pattern is based on the concepts in the book Domino Knitting, and further skills can be learned there. But this pattern is a very complete one -- with 7 pages total and much detail.

Note that you will have leftover Anne in each color, which the designers recommend "you can use to make striped, stranded, or slip-stitch socks, hats, gloves, mittens, or whatever else your needles desire."

Fun! I can't wait to start mine!