Annis/ Special! Beaded Kit in Flamingo: Pattern Included

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The Flamingo yarn.  Can you see the shine from the silk?  Yum!
The Flamingo yarn. Can you see the shine from the silk? Yum!
Susanna's original Beaded Annis.
Susanna's original Beaded Annis.

Another real beauty that we just had to bring back....


I love this! And I feel so honored that Susanna IC trusted us with this marvelous variation-on-a-classic.

The Design

Many of you are familiar with the wonderful pattern called Annis by Susanna IC and offered as a free pattern at (Issue 10, Spring-Summer 2010).

Well, Susanna and I had talked about the possibility of a beaded version and I was so very pleased that she created this for us!

Here is what she writes:

"This is a larger version of my Annis pattern available at

This adaptation features a much deeper lace border, resulting in a larger shawl overall, and uses beautiful Earthfaire beads instead of nupps.

From the original pattern:

I love traditional triangular shawls, but sometimes they are difficult to keep in place without a pin. I have been experimenting with different shapes that could be simply tied like a scarf or have longer ends that would drape gracefully around the shoulders.

Annis’ distinctive crescent shape lends itself to numerous ways of tying and draping, making it a versatile accessory.

The shawlette is knitted in one piece starting at the outside edge of the lace and the narrow curved shape is created by a unique set of short rows. The interesting combination of lace and simple stockinette stitches makes Annis a fun and fast project.

Finished Size: 22”/ 56cm x 65”/ 165cm blocked

Yarn and Colorways

Now Susanna did the original here with 450 yards of Zen Yarn Garden Serenity Silk but she says that any lace or fingering weight yarn will work just fine.

We are not offering the same yarn nor color that Susanna used.  You can see what we have for this in the inset photo on the top picture and again below that. 

So what we put together for this kit is from Juniper Moon Farm, their Findley.  This is a 50% Extrafine Merino Wool/ 50% Silk, a true luxury lace weight yarn.  There are 798 yards (730m) per 100g ball, thus well more yardage than you will need so you can relax and enjoy. 

The colorway is a lovely rosy pink called Flamingo.  Really a smile-maker. 


The beaded version of Annis uses about 350 beads.  Susanna used size 6/0 with her fingering weight yarn.  We are offering you an option of 6/0s or the smaller 8/0 beads. 

The 8/0s are lighter and smaller and will be more of a hide-and-seek glittering amidst the design.  They are included in the cost of the kit as you see it here.  The 6/0s are a bit more dramatic and will add some weight to the whole; they also have an extra small fee. 

Just let me know if you have a preference on color for your beads.  Otherwise I will choose for you. 

The Pattern

On Susanna's suggestion, we are not offering this as the pattern alone, as the original is a free pattern at  

So for this kit the pattern is part of it!  We offer you a choice of getting it emailed to you (PDF file) or printed out and mailed with your kit for a small additional fee.  

This is a real beauty! I am really thrilled with it.