Apis Florea: Kit with Bead Option: Free Pattern!

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Aline's original cowl
Aline's original cowl

A most lovely lace design by Skeinwalker Knits, Apis Florea is being offered as a free pattern this month!  


Read the details here (on Aline's Ravelry page), and get your pattern, or sign up more directly here


What we have for you is a yarn that would be absolutely delicious in this plus the option of adding beads if you so choose.


The Design

Here is what Aline (the awesome designer) writes: 

Bees might be small, but they play an important ecological role by pollinating flowering plants. Small, but mighty. And very much needed. 

Apis Florea is a species of small wild honeybee of southern and southeastern Asia. These bees live in forest habitats but they are also pollinators of tropical fruit crops. Apis Florea builds exposed nests with a single comb on a tree branch. 

The Apis Florea cowl is inspired by the highly structured society of bees and by their architectural skills. The cowl features an all-over diamond and wavy pattern evocative of bees in flight and honeycombs.

Grab your needles and join the hive!

The Yarn and Colorways

We did not put together kits using the same yarn as the original cowl.  You can see what we have in the inset photo on the top picture and again below that.

What is needed is about 234 yards (214 m) of a DK weight yarn. We have a delicious choice for you:


From Louisa Harding, Grace Silk & Wool is a DK weight yarn of 50% silk/ 50% merino and with 110 yards(101 meters) per 50g ball. 

The colorway is #45, named Winter, a delightful almost-solid rich sky blue.  


Your kit will include two balls of the yarn of your choice. 



No, Aline didn't add beads to her design, but you can if you'd like.  It would be totally up to you where to add them though. 

We have that option under the "Kit" drop-down menu -- you can just get the yarn or get the yarn plus about 20g of size 6/0 or larger beads, chosen to work with the yarn.  In other words, they might be size 6/0s or they might be 4mm megatamas, 4x4 cubes, 5/0 triangles or even 5/0 round beads. 

If you have a preference on your bead color, tell me.  Otherwise I will choose for you. 



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