Arcus Cloud: Single Skein Project

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"Single Lot"
This one and the following photos show Aline's original piece, © Skeinwalker Knits
This one and the following photos show Aline's original piece, © Skeinwalker Knits

This "kit" is essentially a skein of yarn that works beautifully in this design --- actually your choice between two colorways in one yarn.  With a very strong suggestion for a pattern that will look awesome....


You know those beautiful variegated skeins we all fall in love with?  And then are stumped for what to knit with them? 

Well, Aline of Skeinwalker Knits has come up with some gorgeous cowl designs that work beautifully with them. 

We have put together some skeins that we like with her Arcus Cloud.  Mind you, this "kit" is simply a skein of yarn. 

And you should get the pattern from her directly on her Ravelry page here.

But oh my, won't these look great?  


She writes: 

Cloud formations fascinate me. They appear seemingly out of nowhere; take the most striking shapes and morph endlessly as they move across the sky.

Arcus clouds are long, low, horizontal cloud formations, either forming a striking flat shelf or a roll like a tube, and they usually appear as an accessory cloud to a cumulonimbus. 

The Arcus Cloud cowl is inspired by the morphing capabilities of clouds, updraft and downdraft winds.

The cowl main feature is a strong directional chevron lace that meets in the center, forming a diamond. Columns of large yarn-overs create a ladder-like and rhythmic element across the whole cowl.

Both make Arcus Cloud perfect for variegated yarns. Take a deep breath and climb to reach the sky!

This cowl is worked with geometric lace especially suited for variegated yarns. Due to the way the lace builds, the stitch pattern is asymmetric and requires some attention (don’t let the symmetric chevrons fool you!). Many colorway would be appropriate: variegated, solid, semi-solid, speckled, gradient.

Yarns ranging from lace to DK would be fine.


Our yarns are not the same as the ones Aline used for her original piece. Ours arefrom Malabrigo, a 100% superwash merino fingering weight yarns with 420 yards/ 100g. Mechita is a single yarn. 

We have some "Single Lot" skeins of Mechita that don't have a name.  These look similar (to my eye) to their Arco Iris, with blue and purple, fuchsia and aqua.  One of the skeins seems to have splashes of gold as well.  


And anyone who would like beads to add to this, just contact me and I'll make some suggestions....