Aril/ Necklace Kit by Kourtney Robinson

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A wondrous necklace piece by Kourtney Robinson, a designer extraordinaire.

Here is what Kourtney writes:

Aril is the proper name for the each of the edible, densely packed, gem-like seeds of a pomegranate. This pattern uses linen stitch and beads to create a simple yet spectacular necklace.

The necklace is knit from the tip up in a modified slipped linen stitch, with increases at the beginning and end of each row. Each slipped stitch is accented with a pre-strung bead. The bound-off edge has beads placed with a crochet hook, and metal findings complete the necklace.

The necklace’s size is easily adjusted; I suggest laceweight yarn with at least 50% silk for its strength.

Well, this one really is delightful!

Kourtney tried out the Vineyard Silk that we carry and our 6/0 beads and found that they worked perfectly together. Then I went off to find the findings! Meaning, the chains and clasps and rings that finish these beauties off.

And now we are able to offer a variety of great come-togethers, with silks and beads and glowing metal combining into quite a lovely piece.

My quandary was how to offer these, as there are so many possible combinations. What I have listed here is basic color groupings -- make your selection from the listings below, using your imagination to picture them. Then make sure that the drop-down menu is set as you would like. If the item you seek is missing from the drop-down menu that means it is out of stock.

All that is needed is about 400 beads and 25 yards of laceweight yarn. Each kit will have a bit more of each.

Bear in mind that none of these silks are true metallics -- when I write "silver" or "gold" I mean a fiber color that is close and will look right with gold or silver beads and findings. Here is what we have set up for you:

Silver silk, silver beads, and silver findings

Gold silk, gold beads, and gold findings

Purple or Lilac silk, purple beads, silver findings

Blue silk, matching beads, silver findings

Red silk, matching beads, silver findings (if you'd prefer gold, you must let me know)

If you have another color idea that you would like to explore, by all means email me and we'll see what we can put together. Playing with color is much fun and I'd be delighted to work with you.

We will send you the kit as you select, including the beads, silk, chain, rings and clasp.

We offer a choice of how to get the pattern which does not come automatically with the kit. 

1. If you have made this before and do not need another copy of the pattern, set the drop-down menu to "No Pattern Needed."

2.  If you would like your pattern emailed to you, that is an option.  It is not automatic, though, and I will send it right before I ship your kit. 

3.  Or you can get a printed hard copy of the pattern.

One more note: if you need or want round-nose pliers , as recommended by Kourtney in the pattern, we are currently carrying a few, which also have a cutting edge to them. Kourtney actually recommends two round nosed pliers and a wire cutter though I suspect you can make do with one or even with tools you might already have in the house; it isn't detailed work, just to make the opening and closing of the rings easier and to adjust the chain as well. The pliers are not part of the kit, nor are the knitting needles or crochet hook or any other basic tools.

This is a simple knit that can be very rewarding indeed. And makes a lovely piece to wear.