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Snow and snow again - Newsletter, December 3, 2019

We'd love to share with you some new kits and some ghosts-of-Christmas-past ones --- some great designs that we have brought back.
Topic: Newsletters

Published: Thursday 05 December, 2019

Custom Bracelets

Robin wanted to get our Whale Road bracelet but preferred a silver tone clasp. While that would have been an easy substitution, I decided that the bead mix needed to be slightly altered in order to lessen the gold-based beads and add more cool silver-based ones.

Published: Wednesday 08 May, 2019

The Unique Sheep - Fingering Weight Yarns

The Unique Sheep carries a number of fingering weight yarns and there are a few additional ones which are Earth Faire exclusives.

Published: Wednesday 06 February, 2019

'Ultimate Beginners Guide to Knitting'

Topic: Tutorials

Published: Thursday 06 September, 2018

Kieran Foley

I am truly enamored with Kieran Foley's  designs.  His use of color is awesome and I  particularly love his work with stacked  centers quadruple decreases. 

Published: Thursday 30 August, 2018

What I'm Knitting: Ute Nawratil

One of my favorite designers is Ute Nawratil. She has been knitting designs that combine two of my current favorites: double knitting and brioche.

Published: Wednesday 11 April, 2018

Middle Son Hat

A hat for my second youngest. :)

Published: Tuesday 22 August, 2017

Hunters Hat

I made a hat for my youngest.

Published: Monday 07 August, 2017

2016 Sheep and Wool Festival

Some photos from this year's festival.

Published: Monday 17 October, 2016

Gradiance Colorways Exclusive to EarthFaire

This web page is presented to tell you about our special colorways that we have developed with the fantastic help of the dyers of The Unique Sheep.

Published: Friday 02 September, 2016

Beaded Knitting: The "Verna-X" Beadle Needle

The Verna-X adds beads for beaded knitting in basically the same method as the crochet hook. It has a hook at the end, not a notch as with other Beadle Needles.
Topic: Tutorials

Published: Thursday 28 July, 2016

Beaded Knitting: Using A Crochet Hook

This is a great beaded knitting technique for adding beads as you go along. (à la minute, as the French would say). This technique doesn’t require planning ahead, but since the fiber will now pass doubled through each bead you’re slightly limited in the beads and yarn weights you can use.
Topic: Tutorials

Published: Wednesday 27 July, 2016

Beaded Knitting: Pre-Stringing

This is a tutorial to show you beaded knitting using the pre-stringing method. There are two essential techniques to beaded knitting. You can either pre-string the beads, or you can use a small hook to add beads to your project as you go along.
Topic: Tutorials

Published: Tuesday 26 July, 2016

Bead Speak

Terms you might be curious about.
Topic: Beads

Published: Monday 15 February, 2016

Unboxing Video

Barbara does an unboxing video of some yarn from the Unique Sheep and some beads from us!

Published: Monday 08 February, 2016

Knitters Gallery

Our gallery of your projects!

Published: Friday 15 January, 2016

Seed Bead Sizing Explained

How sead bead sizes work.
by Dan
Topic: Beads

Published: Monday 11 January, 2016

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