ArtYarns Merino Cloud + Beaded Silk & Sequins Light: #H24

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And one more!  This one simply takes my breath away! 

This one is labeled as colorway #H24.

It is a play on purples -- a tonal almost-solid --- royal purple melds with lighter violets and deeper aubergines.  Truly majestic; rich and deep. 

Both yarns have been dyed in the same color to make a wonderful set. 


Merino Cloud is (to quote ArtYarns) "light as a feather yet substantial at the same time, this yarn has an ideal combination of Merino wool and the fine Italian cashmere that Artyarns is best known for. .. Perfect for accessories and garments that call for fingering weight yarn."

It has 436 yards/400 meters/ 100g. 


Every skein includes on its label a coupon code which gives you access to some amazingly lovely free patterns.  

You will be able to get directions for these four patterns, free with your purchase:
Waves of Glory Shawl
Openwork Merino Cloud Scarf
400 Yard Shawl
Merino Cloud Cabled Cardi


Beaded Silk and Sequins Light is a light weight silk, embellished with a silk strand with clear  beads and sequins. 

Add a wonderful touch of luxury to your project!

This yarn is more expensive than the Merino Cloud and the cost you see added via the drop down menu is an addition to the base cost listed on this web page.  In other words, the Merino Cloud is $38 each; a single skein of the Beaded Silk & Sequins Light ends up in your cart as $64.