ArtYarns: Merino Cloud: October Choices

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Colorway #197
Colorway #197
Colorway #1021
Colorway #1021
Colorway #2334
Colorway #2334

ArtYarns sends us new sets of Merino Cloud every other month.  These are not not to be confused with the Inspiration Club sets of yarn (that also come every-other-month but alternating with these) where the colorways are unique. 

These are colors that are repeatable and can be gotten again.  

They are selected to work beautifully with each other or alone. 

And each comes with a link on the label that directs you to free patterns designed for Merino Cloud that you can get with your purchase. 

Plus you can get if you wish the pattern the Roadster Tunic in Merino Cloud also as your free gift.  Just let me know.

Merino Cloud is a 80% fine merino/ 20% cashmere blend with 437 yards per 100g skein.  It feels amazingly delicious.

We currently have three colorways to offer as part of our special October skeins, two being almost-solids and one a lovely variegated. 

Interestingly, these will look great with the September Inspiration Club colorways -- we are sold out of those but if you picked one up last month, you might find these a wonderful way to expand your options.  

1.  Colorway #197 is a deep rich blend of tonal blues.  Seems to have a special glow to it, like the sky right after the sun has set. 

2.  Colorway #1021 is a variegated mix that includes blues and purples and aquas and peach, a bit of grey and rose and olive as well.  (Sorry, sold out)

3.  Colorway #2334 is also an almost-solid tonal blend, this time in lighter blues, a summer sky with wispy clouds.  (Sorry, sold out)


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