Atreides/ Pattern

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You can choose the downloadable PDF version of the pattern (instead of the hard copy printed out) -- your choice. 


I really like this beaded shawl by Barbara Benson -- she is the designer who brought us another beaded shawl a few months ago: Caladan. Atreides is a lovely piece, requiring between 390 and 450 yards of fingering weight yarn (depending on the size you are going for) and 10 to 12 grams of size 6/0 beads.


Barbara writes: "A crescent shaped shawl with unusual shoulder shaping, Atreides is a stylized representation of a soaring eagle in flight.

"It includes both a small and a large size and is designed to highlight hand-painted sock/fingering yarns with up to a medium level of variegation (use highly variegated yarn at your own risk, it could look awesome). The shoulder shaping helps both sizes sit beautifully on the shoulders and the larger size can be worn “bandit” style or with the long ends curling gracefully from the shoulder.

"Instructions are a combination of both written and charted directions with the lace panel provided in chart form only. This pattern is not for mindless knitting; the construction and some unorthodox stitch marker techniques require intermediate/experienced knitting skills. Stitches include single decreases on both RS and WS as well as double decreases on the WS. But don’t let that scare you! Once you get the hang of the lace it moves right along."

What we offer here is the hard copy of the pattern, by the way.


A wonderful knit, in the making and in the wearing.