Aurita/ Pattern by Susanna IC

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As of right now, Susanna requested that we not offer the pattern as a pdf.  You might be able to find that on her website  but what we can offer right now is the printed version only. 


Oh my goodness gracious!

Combine deliciously soft and enticing 100% cashmere from Pura Bella with a stunning design by Susanna IC and what do you have?



Here is what Susanna writes:

"Aurita is inspired by the luminous greens of willow trees in early spring, their new leaves glistening in the sun after a sudden shower...

"Aurita is knitted in one piece, side-to-side, out of a single indulgent skein of pure cashmere. Aurita's lace border features a traditional Estonian stitch, the exquisite Lily of the Valley.

"Beads are added to the border enhancing the graceful lines of the lace stitches, adding extra drape and interest to the project.

"The shawl can be worn loosely like a long scarf or it can be wrapped closer around the neck for extra warmth. Elegant and practical, Aurita will add a brilliant touch of color to any wardrobe. "


Wow and wow again!

The finished size will be roughly 17" (43cm) wide at the center point, and 71" (180cm) long.

All you need is any lace or fingering yarn -- the original was completed with one skein of Pura Bella Yarns "Pura Mongolian Cashmere" (100% Mongolian Cashmere: 400 yards/ 50 grams) in the colorway Spring Green.

And 198 size 6/0 beads, added using a very thin crochet hook.

Did I say Wow?!?!? Let me say it again. :-)


This will be truly amazing. I think you will be very very pleased.