Aurora/ Pattern by Rose Beck

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When I saw Rose Beck's stunning Aurora I got that special itch we knitters get -- I have to make it.

Rose writes: This spectacular, swirling shawl is named after the aurora borealis (or northern lights), the most dramatic light show on Earth. The slipped stitches in the main color of the shawl are crossed over the multi-color stripes, creating a piece full of movement and color.

The C-shape allows the shawl to wrap snugly around your shoulders, and it works up quickly in Aran-weight yarn. Only one color is knitted per row--no stranding required.

There are two sizes possible from the one pattern. The medium is 50" across and 20" deep. The large is 60" across and 24" deep.

The one you see on this web page was knit by Rose in a multi-colored contrast color in the medium size. (You can see other ones and other sizes on the project page on Ravelry. I find it helps with visualizing how this will look.)

For the medium size all that is needed is 350 yards of an aran weight yarn for the main color and 310 yards of a contrast color; for the large Rose lists 440 yards for the main color and 430 yards for the contrast. I notice that a few of the test knitters used a bit less.

Or you might want to choose one multi-colorway plus a solid one. Alternatively, it occurs to me that simply going with all of a multi and starting at a different end of the color spectrum could give you a really strikingly amazing look. You could even choose one solid color and two or three multi's to create a spectacular play. If you decide to do that, Rose suggests 50 (90) yards for CC1, 110 (150) yards for CC2 and 150 (190) yards for CC3.

What a great array of marvelous looks! And the choice is totally yours. (Though if you would like some suggestions for what looks great with what, just email me.)

The shawl is worked top-down and the size is easily customized by adding more rows. Rose rates the skill level as advanced beginner; that also means that experienced knitters would enjoy it as a "break" type project. By-the-way, the pattern contains written instructions.

I think this will be a wonderfully luscious shawl to cuddle into --- marvelous as the weather gets cold.

Big smiles here.