Autumn Rhapsody: Kits in Silk with Bead Option

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Tropical Teal
Tropical Teal
Kelp Forest
Kelp Forest
Alla's original, © Alla Borisova
Alla's original, © Alla Borisova

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This is an exquisite design by Alla Borisova -- take a look at the detail she put in this, her Autumn Rhapsody

Don't get stuck on the season; this is a song to Mother Nature and all of Earth's creations.  

And please be sure to get your pattern directly from Alla on her Ravelry page here.  Our kit will have the yarn (and maybe beads) for knitting this. 

Autumn Rhapsody is a half circle shawl knitted top down.  Bear in mind, you must be willing to work from charts and it is written to cover one size only.  That being said, Alla rates it at a Medium difficulty and it is sooooooo pretty.  

Yarn and Colorways

What we offer for our kits is not the same yarn as the designer used.  If you look at the Project Pages for the shawl, you will notice a nice range of yarns making up gorgeous pieces. 

Alla's original was knit using cobweb weight yarn held double, 1500 m/100 g with 2 strands held together.  Her shawl ended up weighing 105g in total and used about 1600-1700 m.  So divide that in half (as our yarn is not to be held double) and you get that what is needed is rougly 850m or roughly 930 yards. 

This yarn is from Juniper Moon Farm, their Aine, a pure mulberry silk that has the rich color and glorious shine one expects from silk. 

Each skein has 327 yards (300m) per 50g and so three skeins will make up each kit. 

We offer your choice of two solid colorways:

1.  Tropical Teal is a rich deep turquoise. 

2.  Kelp Forest is a deep sea green. 


No, there are no beads as part of this pattern but there are lots of places one could put them and have them catch the light most gloriously. 

So if you would like, we offer that option via the "Kit" drop-down menu, and you will decide where to place them to get the look you like.  This yarn is a heavy lace/light fingering weight yarn and could nicely hold either 8/0 beads (subtle with their smaller size) or 6/0 beads (more dramatic). 

One 20g container of 8/0s will give you about 800 beads. 

One 20g container of 6/0s will give you about 240 beads. 

If you have a preference on bead color, tell me.  Otherwise I will choose for you. 

Or, of course, you could stay with the yarn only and still have a beautiful creation.