La Bag-ette/ Not Just Plain Jane Knits

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Quite an unusual pattern!

Step-by-step, row-by-row, easy-to-follow directions give you the chance to make either a most lovely bag or a tube tops or a one-shouldered top!

How is that for variety and fun?

Here is what Jane writes:

"Whether done in one color or many, this unusual little bag is stylish, fun to make and leads a double life. When you begin with some bottom edge shaping, and eliminate the circular bottom, it becomes a fashionable tube top or one-shouldered top! Add the coordinating shawl, or wear the tube top with Cell Sack #7 and you are sure to make a fashion statement!"

This pattern's 16 pages will allow you to make (a) the bag, (b) the tube top or (c) the one-shouldered top.

Wow indeed.