Ballroom Blitz/ Freia Handpaints Kits

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The following photos all show some of Chrissie's original pieces.
The following photos all show some of Chrissie's original pieces.

Only two left in stock!


A wonderful combination. 

We have, in stock, a few (just a few) lovely balls of Freia Handpainted Ombre yarn in fingering weight.  These yarns are composed of a delightful merino/silk blend. The yarn has been dyed in very looooooooooong color stretches that gradually blend one into the next.

Each cake (yes, the yarn is already wound for you and ready to be knit) is 70% merino/ 30% silk and has 313 yards (286m) to its 2.64 ounces (75 grams).

Then Chrissie of Ursa Major Knits contacted us with a new design of hers, created with very long color stretches in mind. 

And so here we have put together our remaining stock of Freia Ombré Fingering Weight yarns in kits to allow you to knit a most intriguing and lovely wrap. 

One note:  These is only one kit per colorway as listed here in stock. 

The Design

Here is what Chrissie says about Ballroom Blitz: 

Ballroom Blitz comes in three different sizes (small, medium, and large) so you can turn it into every kind of accessory from a thick winter scarf to thin summer adornment.  


Ballroom Blitz is a seamless modular knit. It is completely reversible and it can be draped like a scarf or a stole if you have knitted a bigger version. All instructions are written and charted, enriched with ample photo tutorials on the techniques of shaping and joining the modules. This makes Ballroom Blitz a feasible project for most knitters.

The Yarn and Colorways

Chrissie suggests that one can use yarns with shorter color runs or ones like these we offer here with very long stretches of color.  She writes: 

Thus suitable for every yarn weight, you don’t need to match the swatch. Just make sure to use either two distinguishable color gradients with 400 to 800 yards of each yarn.

The yarns should be of the same yarn weight.

If you go for two different color gradients you can use yarns with a shorter color repeat like Schoppel Zauberball etc. or even two solids. If you want to use two identical color gradients, make sure they are very long. Then you can simply start at opposite ends like I did with the Maschenwerk version. I find the effect of the blurring pattern lines quite charming.

So lots of choices.

Please note that none of our kits duplicate the colors or yarn that Chrissie used in her original pieces. These will make quite unique wraps -- and each most different indeed.

What we did for this kit is we combined two Freia balls together of the same colorway though wound with different parts of the color pattern as the starting point. 

If you would prefer one ball of a Freia colorway with a solid color of another fingering weight yarn, contact us first -- stock is low but if we have it we will set you up with it. 

Lichen has a color range I would describe as moving from a light olive to a spring green to a sage to a purple to a deep gray. 

Dusk is basically the colors at twilight -- blending from rich purple into golds and orange, it finishes with a warm brown tone. 

Lucas runs from a dark chocolate into a sandy brown and then lime green into evergreen.  A lovely forest mix.  

Vintage gives a look that reminds me of a Victorian parlor with antique rose deepening into a rich cedar with a whisper of violet to it and then lightening into a hazelnut with suggestions of rose.  Or vice versa, of course. 

The Pattern 

Note that the pattern is not automatically part of this kit.

We strongly suggest you get your pattern via the Ursa Major Ravelry pageFor this, choose "No Pattern Needed" on the drop-down menu labelled "Pattern". This will ensure you get any needed updates as soon as they are released.

However if you prefer we can also print out the pattern (24 pages) for you and send it on with the kit.

Alternatively we can also email the pattern to you.  This is manually sent and usually goes out the day we ship your kit.