Bamboo Bloom Pattern Leaflet

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We just got in some lovely and unique yarn in a bulky weight, called Bamboo Bloom in both solid colors and in handpaints -- very unusual for us but the yarn intrigued me.

Then I was curious about patterns made with this bulky yarn -- I wanted to see what might be made and how much it would take without doing it all myself.

Hence these patterns, which are pretty neat.

This is a leaflet containing four patterns -- a sweater, a vest, and two accessory projects.

I personally particularly like the shawl pattern shown here and am pleased that it only will take four skeins of the Bamboo Bloom to create. A simple design, a fast knit, and a beauty.

The hat uses only one skein and the scarf take two to make a great winter ensemble. Which makes for a very lovely and quick gift knit.

Nice! I like the "vacation" aspect of making something with a yarn that looks great, feels wonderful, and knits fast!