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Munakata + Pacific Quest
Munakata + Pacific Quest
This and the following photos are of Chris' original pieces.
This and the following photos are of Chris' original pieces.

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Another striking design by Ursa Major Knits!  Chris (the awesome designer) has created a wrap here -- her new Batman & Robin -- with lots of intriguing options and a beautiful overall look.


The pattern's cost is not figured automatically into the kit.  We find it best to offer some options.  See the details below. 


The Design

Here is how Chris describes this pattern:

Colorful superheroes like Batman & Robin were born in the United States in the late 1930s as a response to the misery of the Depression.

Now we face difficult times on a global scale again. Our whole society is at a turning point. Old virtues like protecting those who are vulnerable and crafts like sewing masks, growing vegetables in our gardens and alotments, staying at home and playing musical instruments are now becoming the pillars of our social life. Especially in countries experiencing lockdown. Thanks to the internet we can still stay connected and united. Knitting has always been a source of comfort.

The Batman & Robin shawl was created with this mind.

If you fancy knitting your superhero shawl, you will need two contrasting yarns. You can use all kinds of yarn weights from lace to dk. You will need at least 750 yards for yarn A and 200 yards for yarn B. You can, of course use much more since you can choose between two sizes: medium and large...

Batman & Robin is a modular knit, but you will add the modules as you go.

With very comprehensive patterns included, this shawl is very do-able for knitters of a large range of skills. 

The Yarn and Colorways

Our kits do not have the same yarn or colors that Chris used in her originals.  You can see our kit in the inset photo on the upper left-hand section of the first picture on this page and again below that.  Chris' original shawls are shown so you can get a good look at the design.

Note again that she recommends at least 750 yards for the yarn with the long color runs and 200 yards for the contrasting yarn used for framing. This minimum would enable you to knit the medium size.  Knitting the larger one takes, of course, more yarn. 

She writes that of the contrasting yarn you would use roughly 25% of the long-color-run yarn yardage.

As one can (per Chris) knit this shawl in anything from fingering weight yarn to DK weight, we have set up kits with some really lovely yarns, as described below. 

Our yarns as described below are in the overall sport/dk weight range and knit well together..



Yarn A:  An absolutely scrumptous feel, the yarn is 100% alpaca, from Mirasol called Paqu Splash, with 328 yards/ 100g skein.  The colorway we offer here is called Pacific Quest and while it is predominantly a true blue, it also has splashes of green and purple and golden browns to it. 

Yarn B:  This is a colorway of Tabi, from Noro, a 65% wool/ 35% nylon, with 410 yards/ 150g. This colorway is called Munakata, a wonderfully summertime color blend with golden rose and turquoise, lilac and rose, sea green and teal.  

In this kit,  you will get one skein of the Pacific Quest + two of the Tabi for a total yardage of 1,148 yards. 

The Pattern

As mentioned above, the cost of the pattern has not been included in the price of this kit. There are a number of ways you can get the pattern for this.

Many knitters like to get theirs directly as a PDF file of the pattern from Chris via her Ravelry web page. Then you will automatically get any updates and also have a copy saved in your Rav library.  In that case, set the Pattern drop-down menu to "No Pattern Needed." 

If you decide that you would prefer a printed copy we can do that.  Please make sure the drop-down menu is set to that.  The pattern has both a charted version for two sizes as well as a written version and combined they mean a lot (!!!) of pages.  Hence the printed copy in this case is more costly.

We also can email the pattern to you  (please be aware that it is not automatic; I have to manually send it to you and generally do that right before shipping your kit).

Just make sure that drop-down menu is set as you would like before you check out.