Bead Soup Bracelet /Desert Gems

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The Bead Soup Bracelets are a marvelous palette for knitters to play with colors and combinations and permutations of beads of all kinds of finishes and hues. And we love to play with color...

Here is yet another mix which we have fallen in love with.

The majority of the beads are matte metallics -- matte gunmetals, matte patina iris, matte dark bronzes -- the matte finish giving a soft glow to the overall look -- in many shapes and sizes from 11/0s to 5/0 triangles to cubes and round 6/0s and 8/0s. Then we added a few different types of colors as contrast -- some drop beads in metallic gold lined, some 6/0 in metallic gold lined as well, a glorious teal from Toho for a great cerulean stand-out and some cream lined 8/0s and gold lined irises and some bronze daggers (this is from memory). There are even some bugle beads for a very different look and texture.

When I get into adding a dash of this and a dash of that, in my quest for a bead soup mix I like, I tend to resemble a mad scientist more than a bead "cook" -- that's why we have to say that every mix will be somewhat different than its predecessor. Even when I write down what I put in, the quantities will vary and well, sometimes something else just catches my eye as a perfect addition....).

Then we took one of the golden threads and began...

We thought the overall look would be of a midnight sea and we were all set to name the bracelet that. But it doesn't resemble that in its finished look -- the basic colors are golds and bronzes and teals with touches of purples -- it looks Egyptian, it resembles a rich fabric of antiquity -- my son said Desert Gems and so it is.

Add a gold tone toggle clasp to finish it off and you have a lovely sophisticated look -- a subtle mix of colors that would enhance any arm and any outfit.

The pattern is the same as for all of the Bead Soup and Bead Stew Bracelets -- you have the option to get it or not via the drop-down menu.

Note that the kit will not automatically include the pattern. We offer three options. I know some of you might already have made other bracelets from us that are made along the same lines, the only real changes being the beads and the colors. If you feel you do not need another pattern, simply choose "No Pattern Needed."

If you would like a printed copy, please make sure the "Pattern" drop-down menu is set to that.

We also can email the pattern to you, though I have to do it manually and usually send it right before I mail the kit (please be patient). Just make sure that drop-down menu is set as you would like before you check out.

You will need size 0 needles (or size to give you a look that you like -- gauge is not an important factor here). The needles are not included in the kit, though we do carry them if you wish to get them here, on our "Needles and Hooks" page.