Bead Soup Bracelet/ The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars

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Note as of 5/26/2010: ****Finally, after years of being off the website, we can again offer this most unique bracelet!

With some minor variations, in the bold print below, we are very pleased to be able to do this.


A truly celestial creation!

We were captivated by some unique beads, shaped like little moon faces and have been playing around with ideas of how to incorporated them into a bead soup bracelet. And then we found these great Sun toggles and an idea was born.

We took silver thread, and a mix of blues and silvers and crystals, in beads of many shapes and sizes as well as daggers and drops. We started out with stringing the beads by using only a random mix of the silvers and crystals, with maybe a stray blue here or there. Then after about 6 inches of beads were strung, we began to add more and more of the blue beads, as well as periodically the moon faces, until by the end all the beads were of the darker blues. Then we finished it all off with a Sun toggle clasp.


The Sun, the moon, and the Stars.

Even though the Moon Faces are much larger beads than the rest, we found that if we surrounded them for two or three spaces on each side with the smallest of beads, such as size 11/0s and 10/0s, then the moon face sat well on the bracelet. Don't be concerned about placing it so that the side with the face can be seen -- there is enough "play" in the thread so that you can swivel the bead around in order to show its better side.


The original toggle had been a sterling silver Sun, as you see in the photo to the upper right. Unfortunately we can no longer find a Sun; we had a Star for a time but that too is no longer available.

So your toggle clasp will be a very lovely one, in silver tone, but not mirroring either sun nor moon, alas. 

We are adding some wonderful star beads, in Vitral Crystal, Crystal AB and even in a soft and delightful Sapphire AB. So the new bracelets will truly have moons and stars -- the sun will be somewhat up to your imagination. :-)


We are pleased -- this is fun to make and quite striking to look at.

The kit contains all the beads you would need to create your own version --- separated into silver/crystal and mostly blues, so you can easily change your colors gradually --- plus the star clasp, silver or blue thread and the pattern (if needed).

The pattern is the same as for all of the Bead Soup and Bead Stew Bracelets -- you have the option to get it or not via the drop-down menu.

Note that the kit will not automatically include the pattern. We offer three options. I know some of you might already have made other bracelets from us that are made along the same lines, the only real changes being the beads and the colors. If you feel you do not need another pattern, simply choose "No Pattern Needed."

If you would like a printed copy, please make sure the "Pattern" drop-down menu is set to that.

We also can email the pattern to you, though I have to do it manually and usually send it right before I mail the kit (please be patient). Just make sure that drop-down menu is set as you would like before you check out.