Bead Soup Shaped Necklace

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Again, we have been working on getting a pleasing necklace with our Bead Soup combinations of beads that is a simple knit yet yields superb results.

This necklace is shaped -- it is not just a long rectangle-- and lies naturally around the neck. The design uses yarn overs to increase stitches every other row to cause the curve.

The overall dimensions are a mere half-inch wide and a stretchy 14" long (plus clasp). Most find it comfortable but check with us on the availability of a second spool of thread if you would prefer it longer.

Depending on the beads and thread you choose for your piece we will enclose either a silver (sterling) or a gold (gold-filled) or a copper hook-and-eye clasp in your kit for the finishing.

We are offering these in random colors or a few more specific colorways. the photo is of the Blues with Topaz and Coppers -- we like the way they look together.

We offer some other color options -- look at the drop-down menu and make your choice.

All kits include one container of beads, one spool of thread (our choice of color based on what we think looks best with the beads -- it might be silk or it might be the metallic which we use in the bracelet kits), one clasp and your choice of getting the pattern or not.

And if you would like a special combination of colors, Custom made specially for you, choose that option and let us know your choice (use the "Comments" section on the Order form).

Note that the kit will not automatically include the pattern. We offer three options. I know some of you might already have made this or something similar. If you feel you do not need another pattern, simply choose "No Pattern Needed."

If you would like a printed copy, please make sure the "Pattern" drop-down menu is set to that.

We also can email the pattern to you, though I have to do it manually and usually send it right before I mail the kit (please be patient). Just make sure that drop-down menu is set as you would like before you check out.

This is fun to make and quite striking to wear.