Bears! Kit for Stitch Markers!

Price: $8.95
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So many of you enjoyed our Dragons! Stitch Marker and Earring Kit that we thought we'd set up another great little kit to use to make stitch markers. 

Please note that you will need to check out You-Tube videos on how best to wind the head pins in this kit.  Here is one that I thought very clear, and another one here. 


The bears are made of Picture Jasper and are roughly 12x18mm.  These are the style of bear often referred to as Zuni Bears.


This kit will include simply four bears and six head pins (two extras just in case), about 2" long of a silver tone,  along with a few jump rings of varying sizes as an extra. 

We have an option so you can add two pairs of ear wires and earnuts (those plastic stoppers to ensure you don't lose your earrings) as well so you can make earrings should you so choose.